Monday, September 27, 2010

Neighborhoods: The Nobel Quarter Pt. 4 Greystone Keep

Of all the noble estates in Upside, Greystone Keep leans closest to the dwarven ideal. Even after centuries of peaceful existence in Stormhaven, the Greystone clan steadfastly refuses to relax its regimented, militant (some would say paranoid) lifestyle.

The Wall: The Greystone estate is protected b a 10 foot high, five feet thick wall of plain stone, with wicked iron spikes at the top. A single gate allows entrance to the estate; guarded by four soldiers at all times, the iron-reinforced stone gate is always sealed.

The Grounds: The Greystone estate is perfectly flat, treeless lawn decorated only with small stone statues of famous clan warriors. A wide, paved path runs from the wall gate to the Keep.

The Keep: Made of seamless, unadorned grey stone nearly ten feet thick, the rounded walls of the keep soar a hundred feet into the sky, topped with a ring of catapults, ballistae, and boiling oil cauldrons. The keep flows over the rim of the Upside disk, with hanging towers built directly into the disk’s side.

The main entrance of the Keep is a portcullis framed by fortified towers studded with murder holes. Inside, the Keep is starkly decorated, more like a border fort than a noble’s mansion. Greystone Keep is filled with secret passages, most of which are seamless, cunningly designed pivoting walls that lead to caches of weapons and potions. The keep is also home to an expansive chapel and a fortified dungeon. Few visitors ever pass through the doors of Greystone Keep, but many of those claim to have heard muffled, unearthly roars issuing up from the Keep’s floor. Clansmen dismiss the story as the work of overactive imaginations, but the tales persist. Fourteen members of the Greystone clan live in the keep, attended by thirty servants and an even larger number of private troops, equipped with battle axes, heavy crossbows, daggers and dwarven plate.

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James said...

(Auge) Such adherence to their wanton militant ways suggests that they are hiding something. They think they let us assume dwarfish paranoia, when they hide their war machine within their walls. I can see the wisdom of our father's words.