Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dragon Heartstone

 In it's presence your senses fire and your mind is seared with memories not your own.  Your abilities and knowledge crystallize whenever you are near.  Further you feel in touch with others of your blood, some here, and some much further away.  Suddenly all other images disappear as the presence of your mother is felt amongst all of you.  Besides learning some of the abilities of the Heartstone, such as Cure Light Wounds 1d8+5 (Durg, you and I discussed that you have a greater effect) and Lesser Restoration, you suddenly realize your mother can use your proximity to such an item as a means of communication. 
When you next awake from sleep, whether its a nap, a full nights rest, or recovering from an unconscious condition, some things your mother said to you become clear.  Assume that you all discuss it at some point, having experienced the Heartstone together, you all would realize that the others are experiencing the same phenomena. 

Your mother's name is Avaritia.  Your first memories of her communications to all of you is her cursing your father.   Some of the other things you remember.

1. While she hates and abhors your broken stock she does not blame you simpering whelps and that is why she has allowed you to live.
2. She does blame your #!$!#(! father.
3. She hopes you all achieve something before being reaped by your Grandmother.
4. Every time you want her help or bother her, you better have something unique and valuable as a token of devotion or she will kill and eat you as punishment for insubordination.
5. When winter comes so will our enemies the white.  Even you pathetic whelps can outsmart a white.
6. Take strength in your greed, even if you aren't using it, neither are your enemies.  Learn what others covet and manipulate them to your advantage.
7. If you desire to serve in my court, you need to earn my mother's mark.
8. Due to your father's duplicity you have many additional draconic traits which she doubts any of you will be smart enough to develop.
9. Should others of my kind discover your relation to me, you could be challenged.  Don't make me ashamed.
10. If you are near the Heartstone, I can choose to communicate with you whelps.

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