Monday, September 27, 2010

Neighborhoods: The Nobel Quarter Pt. 5 Lesser Nobel Estates and Areas of Importance

The lesser estates in the Noble Quarter are owned by dwarf or elf families with tertiary connections to the Stormhaven, Greystone, or Seawillow families, whether through marriage or economic ties. Their mansions, though less splendid than the greater estates, are still impressive. In many cases they are worth more than the kings of some nations can afford.

Dragon Run: Designed to resemble a fairytale castle, with needle-like towers and banners fluttering the breeze, the elven Dragon Run is bordered not by a fence but by a moat.

Fox Peak: Bordering the Fox Run, the dwarven Fox Peak is famous for its crystal spire, a 40 foot high tower made entirely of rose-tinted crystal.

Winter’s Heart: The grounds of Winter’s Heart are decorated with enchanted ice statues that never melt. Additionally, the elven owners have placed icicles, made of the same enchanted ice, all about the mansion.

The Fox Run is an expansive, heavily forested area bordered on all sides by five estates, the nobility uses the Fox Run as a private hunting ground. As Stormhaven is simply too small to maintain herds of wild game, animals for the hunt must be imported. Foxes are the most common prey, but past hunts have included deer, dire boars and even an elephant that escaped the confines of the Run, stormed through the Rat’s Nest and then dragged half a dozen nobles over the rim of the World Disk. Most hunts are organized and stocked by Galdan an infamous human big game hunter.

The Stone Forest is nestled in the woods that border the Seawillow estate. The Stone Forest is a cluster of nearly sixty crumbling statues, relics of Stormhaven’s original inhabitants lying scattered throughout an area about 30 paces to a side. The statues represent men and women dressed in flowing robes and togas, their stern faces framed by laurel crowns There is little effort to maintain the statues, and some have even toppled to the ground, covered in bird droppings and clumps of rotting leaves, saplings and tufts of grass growing about their feet.

Visitors to the Stone Forest are rare, sound echoes strangely here and the statues’ unblinking eyes are disquieting to the faint of heart. Rumors that have been around for centuries claim that the area is haunted.

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