Monday, September 6, 2010

Versel Unchained

Versel grimaced as the icy whips licked his skin. While he much preferred dishing out the punishment he understood the value of these torture sessions. For weeks he had been treated as a prisoner of war. The humans Hael hired to imitate guards seemed bent on extracting the information he had been given for safeguarding. Beaten, starved & without rest he was learning to become patient and resilient. While waiting for his opportunity to escape, he had learned to pass the time by tormenting his oppressors. He discovered a sort of joy in their frustration over the ineffectiveness of their techniques. After beating him for days without even a whimper they were starting to get sloppy. Neither had noticed the stress fractures he had caused to his bonds. Versel used his great strength to break free and snap the neck of his first captor. He could only chuckle as the other screamed and lashed out with his whip. Days of torture with all manner of elemental weaponry and he chooses the whip of frost to save his life. Arkielle was right humans really where a comical race. He posed briefly for the onlookers before finishing off the last of his tormentors.

Brother Hael approached Versel with pride. The first part of his training was complete and he was fast becoming the Drows finest student. Versel had strength, speed and the endurance to fight forever. However his greatest asset was his wisdom, wise beyond his years they said. Hael snickered at the thought, after all Versal was part dragon and his years where vast. Hael couldn’t hide the hint of jealousy as he remarked on Versels performance.

“Your arrogance is getting annoying” the Drow stated.
“Sorry Gyosa” Versel said sarcastically as he bowed. “I will try to keep focused as instructed”.
Hael grinned “Arkielle has commanded your presence”.
“Is it about the new chambermaid?” Versel interrupted “I swear this one came to me, I tried”.
“No” Hael cut him short. “He has an assignment for you and your brothers. This is an important task, be sure to keep focused and above all show respect”. Hael turned and began to walk away. Over his should he call out to Versel “and if he asks, tell him the chambermaid is recovering fine”.

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