Thursday, September 2, 2010


So brothers, we have joined in an alliance to further our lots in Father Nissians plans. I feel as if time has ripened unto this moment, and it has ripened for US. I, Jaren, will lend our fathers prodigious arcane talent to our cause, and I will burn to ashes those that stand against us as we gather unto us what is ours. Our hoards will know no equal.
It is interesting to me that none of you has uncovered the meddlesome 7s for what they do. They are a collection of the shiniest diamonds in the rough the Driftdowns cough up. They leave their triple seven logo in their work and territory markers. These upstarts are a gang that has long profited from its knowledge of Upside, and are the primary agents of the unsavory to gain admittance to Upside, sometimes for only a day, sometimes for a lifetime. That's the rub, they have helped enough people gain legitimacy that they are often politically protected, as if some noble fools actually think what they do provides a service. In fact, they are the ones who first thought to use the "child of Nissian" token to get Upside. They have gotten very good at forging documents and certificates with House Nissian credentials. Politically protected enough that they can't be murdered cold, I have spent many hours scheming the accidents and woeful fates that may befall this gang. I harbor particular hatred and murderous enmity for a certain half elf named Lyri Farsil, her death the candy I dream of when there are no voices droning in my head. She walks with impunity from Upside to under, and her affiliation is all but obvious. It is my belief that she is the one who obtains the Upside badges these miscreants peddle.
May your hoards ever swell


Gordzilla said...

GREAT PICS. I love it. Great first post. Next week you will start with one extra action die, giving you two.

harrygoblin said...

Obviously, the NPC is left for you to finish, but I thought a name and what she does would be a helpful starter thread.

Gordzilla said...

Butch I have a small request, could we change your name to Jaren and not Jarens?

James said...


harrygoblin said...

Sure, thats not a big deal.