Saturday, September 25, 2010


Life in the Driftdowns is difficult for all who live there. Many fishermen have gone from sailing the open sea to reap the rewards that accumulate around the 'downs. Sealife has learned to live among the pilings and supports over the many centuries; crabs, fish, sharks and plants. Fishermen not wanting to be away for months at sea turned to a life that, while not taking them far from home, was certainly no less dangerous. Fed on a steady diet of humans, dead or alive, many sharks, saltwater crocodiles and other undersea predators have learned that if they hang out long enough, they will get fed. The crime element in Stormhaven have for years used the open spaces between buildings, docks and jetties for easy disposal of bodies. This brings the sealife and that brings the skimmers. Working both on boats and the streets, the skimmers fish the life that swarms below.

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Gordzilla said...

Note to Durg: there are many rumors about the skimmers, some say they are a guild unto themselves while others claim they serve an undead master. One common theme of those rumors is the consumption of victims.