Monday, September 6, 2010

Auge's Escape

Patience is mayhap the only virtue that holds any value for me. While greed eventually overcomes, I exercise intelligence and patience more so than any of the gifts Father Nissian has endowed upon us…

I have had every bone broken in my deeply scarred body, knives bore into every fleshy crease and baptized in acid so volatile that my entire physical body stands deformed with scars acid and fire burns.

I was the first to reach the age of reason, before my brothers but to act too soon would be foolish. So I waited until the right time learning all I could about my environment. The monks would test me, making stupid mistakes to see if I would react- but I would not. I would observe, gather information and identify my chance. As the screams from the dark halls of the house reached an all time high, I knew my time had come to react.

The monks had a favorite method of torment for me called water boarding, I knew this because it caused them a fair amount of enjoyment causing me dire misery. But what the monks didn’t know is that I’ve been savoring the taste of acid. For days I held the very acid in my mouth- the same acid they would use to burn my skin- for unknown days until I had enough to spew it into their eyes. Using my claws I cut free my restraints and with wing, claw and fang- I ended their torments. As I entered the darkened hall I was confronted with a single drow.

“Very nice Auge, now come with me and join your red brothers- they too will soon make their release. You are the first.” Said the drow.

“What is all this about?” I demanded. The drow swung around so fast I could hardly register the movement and slammed me with a… a weapon? It was to fast to tell.

“You may address me as Arkielle- son of Nissian.” He admonished.

I followed him down the halls wrapped in the dressings that once restrained me with the pilfered bottles of acid and fire that once burned me.

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