Monday, September 20, 2010

Balthorr’s Rare and Wondrous Treasures

Here the wealthy shopper can buy a wide selection of curios here, especially coins from all over the Evening Isles and the civilized lands, rare gems, and regalia. The proprietor, Balthorr “the Bold” Olaskos is a hearty, loud-voiced, bubbling fellow with a ready smile and firm handshake, and an expert on the currency uniforms and badges used by most realms and military units of the various Kingdoms and fiefdoms, and can make up colorful stories about the history of particular items on the spot. I’ve heard that he’ll buy things without asking questions as to their origin, making him very handy for adventurers who want to exchange battle trophies for money.

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Gordzilla said...

Balthorr is a prominent member of the Moneychanger's guild.