Monday, September 6, 2010

Father's Message

Fathers bestow upon their children many gifts. I bestow upon all of you devotion, intelligence, foresight, patience, discipline and preparation. I hope you grow to appreciate the devotion I have practiced to position myself consistently closer to the aegis of the ages. You are new to this world and have the good fortune of being born with dragon blood at the dawning of the new age, which many scholars agree is The Age of Dragons. It is not by accident that I have sired you at this time. My life has been spent absorbing the abilities, strengths, and features of many of creatures throughout this world and the planes. My long term goals will not make sense to you now, the world is too new and I am too old. At the time of my writing this I am over 2500 years old, although some of those years have been spent on other planes where time moves at differing rates. I hope you will all grow to appreciate the strengths and defenses that Stormhaven offers you. I know that as you grow in knowledge and power that you will provide all of us with greater power there. I have entrusted your training and discipline to an organization on Stormhaven known as the Twilight House. This will provide all of you with a unique designation that is beyond the normalcy of general citizenry. I maintain a small embassy in Stormhaven representing several extra planar interests. One key to my political power in Stormhaven is the arrangement of trade that provides the proper metals for Watermarks. However my Embassy would not provide me access into the Stormhaven government or power structure. My children are citizens of Stormhaven and therefore can go into government, yet can also call upon the legal protections of the Embassy. This benefit has not yet been considered as my many children have yet to have cause to claim the legal designation; I mention it, in case you brash young Dragonsons are the first to need claim it. My Embassy has a very cordial, allied partnership with Twilight House. I do not know when we will communicate or even see each other again in the near future. Feeling a fatherly need, I want to give you some key advice and things to think over.

1. Love is a myth. Greed, personal gain, need. When those desires are met in a pleasurable way we fool ourselves into love and begin to value things that aren’t quantifiable. An elf that I admire was smart enough to only value those people that provided him the most benefit. I believe now that he is so powerful, he no longer values anyone. He makes constructs now and lives in a place you can only see. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by so called love.

2. Don’t waste your time with gods. Things always come down to souls and the prime material.

3. Do not waste energy fighting against universal elements, the building blocks. Cultivate that which is; while making it work for you

4. Your Truename is a key to your life force. If you die before discovering it and protecting it your soul will travel to the power that holds you under its sway, in this case (Code: SALIGIA). If you have not protected your Truename the power learns it when you die and controls your fate forever more.

5. I know the Truenames of all my children.

6. I am a Wishmaster. I have bequeathed to each of you a wish. The Wish is in a trust of sorts and will become available to you either when you achieve a certain level of accomplishment or are in a near death situation where it can save you. For your sake I hope it’s used when you achieve something and can plan rather to save your neck.

7. I have many enemies. Most are clueless, with little realization as to my motives or abilities. I do not educate them, you would be wise not to either. Learn to value all information and to control its dissemination.

8. Learn the game of Chess. Become masters at this game and apply the lessons you learn from it.

9. You would be wise not to cross your mother. She hates me because she cannot possess me. Her mother really hates me but that’s another story.

10. Dwarves are dangerous.


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