Sunday, September 5, 2010

Twilight Estate

You live in a tower compound on a large estate on the upside known as the Twilight Estate.  Besides your obvious draconic natures, the other reason the four of you are gathered together is that you confided to each other how little you remember beyond the last three months.  Jaren your memory is a bit longer at roughly five months.  You have begun to suspect that your groups recent consciousness might be due to magical age acceleration. 

All of you know that the servants on this estate that administer your education are all monks, disciplined in elemental styles.  Among the monks, many races are represented, Drow, Duegar, Derro, and creatures so heavily ensorceled, you can't be sure of what you are seeing. 

The Head Master of your education, you believe to be a male Drow weapon's master known to all of you as Arkielle.  Arkielle is the one to inform you of the upcoming competition, telling you that if the four of you succeed, not only will you be the first team, he will be promoted as well. He goes on to explain that beyond any reward the Twilight House may bestow upon everyone, he has several contacts in the driftdowns that can assist us in the future.  Due to magical constraints Arkielle claims he is unable to tell you much about the competition but he does offer this advice, be patient and observant, the best result wins.

Arkielle usually glows with magical energy.  All of you know that he wears magical bracers that have exhibited a variety of powers from elemental bursts to shield like force fields.  He is not sentimental or friendly but he is an excellent teacher.  Unlike many of your instructors that believe threats and pain accelerate learning Arkielle always worked to find a way for you to understand.  Unknown to Arkielle, Auge Von Bulle witnessed the drow in a street fight with two dwarves.  Auge can report that the drow's skill with a rapier is unmatched.  Each dwarf died with 3 piercing blows delivered with lightning efficiency.  Eye, throat, and crotch, the dwarves died in less than ten seconds.


James said...

Auge- looks like master Arkielle has gem stones for eyes.

Gordzilla said...

That is a sharp observation. He has never mentioned it but you are correct. Action die for you.