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Review (3/26/2014)

Our session begins Friday morning with the brothers Nissian separating briefly. Auge stays at the Cinder Block preparing for Navy Appreciation Night and spending some time with Hogni where Auge could see how the fellow alchemist has automated much of his process that allows him accelerate his creations. (x1.5?)

Meanwhile Durg, Versel, and Jaren go to the Black Crown. Durg and Versel are accosted by wizards who offer passive-aggressive tributes and jobs requiring ‘sons’ expertise. In the end if our excursions would find us near certain components and the like… they would be in our debt. (see below)

Together the brothers joined Nefertiti in a magical hut for four hours discussing four planes; the astral, the elemental planes of fire and air as well as the plane of shadow. This research and talking with a planes expert yields 1 rank in Knowledge: Planes for everyone.

The Astral Plane: “where there are souls of dead gods” A pseudo-divine place, spiritual, and empty like a void. It is a plane that touches all other planes and is used, albeit briefly, during arcane teleportation spells. It is timeless where afflictions, age, and diseases do not progress thereby creating its own kind of indigenous race of ‘afflicted’ beings. Spells are cast as if quickened and finally, it would be unwise to exercise truename magic in the Astral Plane.

The Plane of Shadow: “the most dangerous” A shadowy representation of the prime material where certain magics are enhanced and time is offset. It would seem that our plane is out of time and this plane reveals that inconsistency. Furthermore she mentions The Ways and how drow are a danger here.

The Plane of Fire: Volcanic landscape ruled by titanic genie-like beings; location of the city of brass.

The Plane of Air: home to all kids of aerial creatures and floating landmasses. Here certain spells are enhanced and insubstantial creatures are dangerous on this plane.
During this Bro-time they fly to the Sunbow Mansion to observe business and handle any minor concerns that need attention. These concerns materialized as shapeshifters, possibly six creatures that are on the lookout for someone; it is believed they are not wise to their discovery; and that when one of them arrives to Sunbow, eventually they ‘all’ turn out like a bowl full of twenties! The Sunbow host said the last time they were here was yesterday.  

It was surmised that the FanFleet Rakshasha’s could be looking for Kalaris who is supposed to be dead. A plan was formulated to hold a Pole-lympics to draw out these creatures for an ambush. With the help from an indebted Black Crown wizard Auge will create a specialized Lantern of Revealing for Sunbow. (we have yet to put this event on the calendar) In the meantime our guy will message us if he thinks they have returned.

From here they head to the Lifters Guild to find one of the lifts has been commandeered by the Rockhammer dwarves after a sizable donation was exchanged.

3 PM After that, the three fly to the Dragon Docks to find solidarity among the people; a common perception and appreciation in the gift of new opportunities and living conditions, there is however a darkside- the (old) driftdowns.

A check of business here equates to the creation of a 50 k cash account for the Dock Guild for 25 new guys and crisp new uniforms for him and all the workers.

6 PM Meeting with Gazlemar, and the sons. Gazlemar is characterized as a nonchalant investor who comes armed with shipping lanes, exotic languages, and assets abroad. Not exactly sold on his approach he then begins throwing gold around selling out the Vial and Flask and ordering 10 stoves from Jaren. (10 units in 3 months for 17k ea. starting in 2 wks)

That's all good, but then Jaren moves the conversation to his time at Twilight House under Uvroc. Under cross-examination it was revealed that Gazlemar’s mind has been wiped- although we did learn that Uvroc is from the underdark under the Evening Isles, no one could hold a secret from him, and that was his precious commodity; along with slaves and ‘portal’ items of magic.

Arkiel and Kalaris go out on a Friday night incognito.

The Naval Appreciation Night was a success. The brawler armor was awarded to a navy-tough guy during Men of War’s rendition of THIS. Afterward the Navy announced a date where two new battle ships would be christened- weapon outfitted by Embry.

The night also saw the return of dwarves to the night life, a troubling foreshadowing of what we find later in the warehouse. 

Midnight. Later that night Auge gets busy on the modified 'shapechanger' lantern for Sunbow, Durg catches up on some rest while Versel gets one with the SquidSeeker, and Jaren discovers the Pillars of Creation- building blocks under which this Age operates.

5AM Jaren, accompanied by his brothers march a dirge down the Dragon Docks with the lyre of building creating three more docks- one of each size category called the Dire Docks. While here we are approached by a dozen viable business contacts new to Stormhaven who are interested in zoning options.  
The Faculty

Noon. Versel travels to the School of the Winter Blade to find out their intentions as demanded only days ago. Mr. Speakup as well as sixty percent of faculty and students remained to learn under Versel’s direction. Pleased Versel asks they remain at their school for now, he will meet with faculty on Monday.

6 PM. Auge, Durg, Versel and Jaren arrive at the Embry Estate for dinner and friendly talk. His near-death has awakened a wanderlust in Allister Embry resulting in him giving over responsibility of the House, Guild and council seat to Cadmar his son. Cadmar’s brazen, seaworthy sister was also in attendance; while she seemed out of place on land, she seemed comfortable around her brother Cadmar. Allister is wanting to leave in two days.

Getting to the point of the dinner Versel explains our pending venture and the need for added alertness and strong swords. Cadmar vows to defend our interests as if they were his own as well as 80 men for Sunbow. Excellent. 

9:36 PM Finds the Sons in the audience of Samson Dragonsbane at the House of the Four Winds who has had good fortune in acquiring able swordsmen as of late. His attendees provide food and drinks of which Auge cannot help himself mix, remix, and pour out for everyone. Getting to the point of the nightcap Versel explains our pending venture and the need for added alertness and strong swords. Samson devotes 300 swords with interested warriors an option for winter blade apprentices. Fantastic. 

Midnight. Cinder Block, numerous messages from followers like White Spider, Hogni and others who say they were attacked by dark creepers and likely a mindflayer. Auge suspects this was a hit for blood components from our closest followers.

Jaren declares his intention to visit the portal warehouse. We all agree and venture to find recent passage of several booted tracks. Durg smells something fishy, Auge’s planeshifter’s knife begins to spin like a top, and Versel’s Squid senses begin to tingle. Jaren casts clairvoyance post haste to discover six mind flayers leading a score or two of fully outfitted dwarves down the portal trail.

Next session, as the month tolls anew, we begin the process of preparing an ambush on the totally unsuspecting illithids. 

Fire Flower grows along the banks of the eastern ocean. It’s a large, crimson - colored flower that is quite common in that area of the world. The flower must be freshly picked or magically preserved to function as a supplementary spell component. A spellcaster who uses this component with any spell that causes damage has that damage increased by 2 points per level of the caster (maximum 20 points).
The effect of this spell component may be combined with other components or damage modifiers.

Mage Coal is a gray rock is mined deep underground. When lit the rock burns brightly for about twenty seconds before it is consumed completely. The rock makes a decent supplementary spell component though the strength it adds to a spell is minimal. A spellcaster who uses this component with any spell that causes damage has that damage increased by 1d4 points. The effect of this spell component may not be combined with other components or damage modifi ers.

Doom Weed is a gray weed is covered in thorns and can be found only in the western forests. Doom
Weed grows mainly around the foot of ancient trees (1,500+ years old) or beneath a tree where a good man was hung. To function properly as a supplementary component this weed must be cleaned of all dirt and allowed to dry completely. It must then be crushed into a course powder. A spellcaster who uses this component with any spell that causes damage must make a Spellcraft check (DC 20+spell level). On a successful check the damage of the spell is increased by 1d8 points per level of the caster (maximum of 12d8). This component may not be used with any other supplementary spell component.

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