Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Filis Fey

Filis Fey was an aged gnome, a well travelled bard born in the Evening Isles 175 years ago. She considered herself a world traveller, and had decided more than 80 years ago to make Stormhaven her home. More keen to seek attention than most, she had developed a reputation for theatric entrances and bawdy speeches. She worked as a highly demanded hostess for dinner parties and performances dispensing sharply turned humor as a risqué comic and social satirist. She was famous for telling the dirtiest of filthy jokes, and for deviously timed practical jokes on her friends. She was a shrewd observer of people of all types, able to observe details others are unaware of; she never forgot a face nor the name that accompanied it. She also gave a nod to collecting her experiences and history in a collection of journals she has kept for about 100 years. She constantly updates her journal with several entries per week, and she has even produced written collections based on notes that add up to tellings of history, pulled from her journal musings. her favorite course of study is magic, fascinated by the rules that magic enforce and create. Over a life as long as hers, she had accumulated a small hoard of well rounded items and gear that were permanently enchanted, and theses were the items she held most important. From enchanted string instruments to glove,cloaks and capes to help keep safe and 1 step ahead of trouble, she had the collection any life long master Bard would want.

But even she could be surprised after all these years, and the Dragon Man, Jaren was certainly a surprise. She still marveled at how they all showed their appreciation to be entertained, thru a huge variety of performances. That really intrigued her, and she loved to make them laugh spontaneously and watch people close by scatter away in fear. Jaren showed a natural talent in the language of magic and another language of magic - the magic of music. That was delightful, and certainly added to his mystique, but it didn't surprise her.   His insight and thought to build an academy to teach and master the arts of the bardic college....  now that is a surprise. It was clear to her as he spoke that he had a belief in her skills, but an even stronger confidence in her perspective as he implored her to take the role of headmaster of his bardic college, with the express mission of weaving arcane enchantments with music that sings to the universe. His reverence for her long tenure in this life seemed the primary factor in selecting her to lead the new college.

She could hardly contain her excitement as the ever -business first- Jeren listed the details of the appointment. To mark her station and relieve the rigors of travel a chair was enchanted to float just above the ground at all times, carrying Filis aloft as she directed through a controlling talisman. It worked just like a floating disk, and could navigate standard stairs and ramps with ease. She was to receive   residence, choosing from the Dragon Nest or the Academy. She would earn a wage of 1500 gp annually. She would administer a plan to recruit students to train for tuition. She would undertake finding teachers and collecting materials to instruct in the arts, especially musically talented arcanists. She would also be responsible for acquiring the contents of a library of written music.

The two of them had fun figuring out the floating chair together, and Filis had to admit, she loved it. Even though she could feel the undercurrent of sin in the evenings dealing, she couldn't help but tomentally  count the values of what she had just bargained for. It was not lost on her that she had picked a side.

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