Saturday, March 29, 2014

Securing the Docks (Durg)

 Vormite stood back and presented the three most experienced men in this week's security detail; three brothers, as a matter of fact. Humans, heavily bearded and clad in kilts and chain and leather mail, the three nervously studied their employer, their benefactor. He was the youngest of the "dragon brothers", Durg by name.
 "Durg, may I take the time to introduce our three greatest warriors on the docks this week; Arnum, Liam and Ewen," Vormite spoke, each of the three humans nodding when their names were mentioned. "I have chosen Arnum as the captain of security this week, as he's the eldest and most experienced."
 Handing over the magical shield that doubled as a symbol of leadership, Arnum strapped it to his burly forearm and grinned at his brothers, then at Vormite and Durg.
 "Aye, ye ha' nau' tae fret aboot. Th' sheeps an' th' crgu, the sellers an' th' cap'ns all wull be sleepin' safe 'n' soon'ly" Arnum spoke through a briarpatch of fading red beard, fading to a pale orange as age creeped upon him. The other 2 humans nodded their agreement, smiling at themselves as they took heart in their brother's endorsement. "Och, ye kinna bae b'lieving tha' naryaone wull have a hair 'n thare hade missed wi'."
 Vormite looked at Durg, beaming his approval at the fighters' bravado, only to have the smile slowly sour into a grimace. Durg stood there, staring at Arnum with a blank, flat look, one that could only be acheived by one with reptilian blood in their veins. The claws on his right hand tapped a slow stacatto on the head of his deadly axe. Durg's eyes flickered from Arnum to the other 2 brothers. A raspy rattle built slowly in the dragonman's ravaged throat, and his head made a small circle as he cleared his voice. "What?" he rasped.
 Vormite quickly looked to the 3 brothers, swallowing nervously. Liam and Ewen, the 2 younger brothers, both tripped over themselves in trying to translate what their brother had claimed. Durg gently put a claw on each of the younger brothers, pushing them apart, then took the shield from Arnum's arm.
 "'Ere noo, joost wha' dyu ye think wha' yer dooin'?" Arnum growled, but making no move to stop  the dragonman taking the shield from him.
 Durg stopped in taking the badge of office, again starin blankly at the elder human. "A leader needs to have his orders undersood the 1st time, not through a translator." he rasped, Handing the shield to Liam, the 2nd  eldest. "Here, hopefully you'll be easier to understand."
 Liam looked embarassedly at his older brother, taking the shield in hand, "Aye milor' Durg. We'll be sure to keep the docks safe, ye ha' the word of the brothers McTiege."
 Unimpressed, Durg simply nodded and left the barracks, back to the bustling docks.

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