Monday, March 10, 2014

The Last Word

Nerith Alia ran her ringed hands over the crystal ball, which suddenly appeared to be filled with dark rolling waters.  “Vhuuksssh the Destroyer” The Diviner’s firm voice called out, “I am a friend of the deep and I call to you through his introduction. Will you receive me?” 

The crystal glass ball vibrated and trembled beneath her hand and Alia was certain she could continue.  “A weapon of destruction, a destroyer of the arcane has been found and is carried by our enemies.  In exchange for your aid against these half-breeds great one, you would keep the weapon as a spoil of war and I have been granted a bounty by Claustrum to offer you.  Until the moment you claim the weapon, you have your choice of prisoners from the deepest stock.”

“Mytzoplixt” a word echoed in Nerith Alia’s mind, the final word for her summons. Vhuuksssh would answer her summons.  

The rolling waters viewed through the crystal ball stayed dark, somewhat calmed.
“I believe the newest prisoner will provide you an adequate avatar for you to pursue our mutual goals.” The diviner continued on, not noticing the grim smiling teeth appearing in the crystal. “Dwarves are quite hardy with many resistances that are sometimes useful for entities getting newly acclimated to a plane.”

Vhuuksssh the Destroyer eyed the spell caster through her silly scrying device anxious for the diviner to call him into her world.  The last word of his summoning he had provided but only a master truenamer could speak it.  A simple diviner with her limited knowledge was doomed to provide him a much more suitable host form than a dwarf would, still there were his lieutenants.


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