Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vial and Flask Specials

(Auge entry)
Salvo: The fortuitous creation from some unnamed alchemist (with little skill), salvo is a weapon of the imprecise and desperate. Thankfully the poison is relatively cheap and easy to create (Pilini); its effect fluctuates wildly from dose to dose. [Salvo deals 1d4 points damage to a random ability score once a round for six rounds; it requires one save to escape its effects. Complete Scoundrel] 100 gp/dose.

Aptitude Rings: These simple steel rings I shall create for the Commission, each one grants an individual competence to their stealth skill. [Typically these rings grant only a +1 bonus, but Auge’s rings grant a higher bonus up to a +4. Loot4Less] 100 gp (+1 to one skill), 400 gp (+2 to one skill), 900 gp (+3 to one skill), 1,600 gp (+4 to one skill)
Vial & Flask
 Featured items of the week:

Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 (4000)
Headband of Giant Strength +2 (4000)
Eyes of the Eagle (2100)

Liquor commission exclusives:
Salvo (100 ea.)
Stealth Aptitude Ring (400 – 1,600).


harrygoblin said...

I love the narrow alley pics you have posted on places in the neighborhood. I almost feel like I have walked those streets!

James said...

Thanks man :)