Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Portal Juncture Marketplace

In some worlds it is known as Leviathan, in others it is worshiped as a deity of the sea.  Its vision is said to pierce the planes and no one knows its alliances or intentions.  Here at the portal juncture the creature maintained a marketplace that operated in planar trade.  Exotic treasures are moved here, the market attracting the darker forces of the universes, appreciative of a place to trade their perverse wares. The ingeniousness of settling the market at this juncture was the terrible danger that everyone faced who came here. The portal juncture area itself is completely unstable, seemingly balancing on the point of a needle.  When problems erupt, areas of the juncture disappear, usually due to violent explosions.  Nothing ever caught in these areas has ever returned to market, although the juncture seems to eventually regenerate areas, although rarely does the new area resemble the old.  Most of the “merchants” trading in this marketplace have learned to follow enemies elsewhere to extract payment or revenge.

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