Monday, March 3, 2014

The Broker's Heresy

In Stormhaven he has several names, a hidden truth known only to other members of the Black Crown.  To others here and elsewhere, he was known simply as The Broker.  Creatures and entities traveled great distances to negotiate their heart's desire with The Broker of whom it was said has the ability to deliver anything or anyone, if his unique fees were met. 

This was however the first time another devil had utilized his talents, let alone these two devil women from the Runeforge. Truth be told, he believed it to be bad luck to ply his trade with other Infernals so The Broker's fees had been so extravagant the devil wrongly presumed the duo would be unable to meet them.  

His suprise was profound when Alaznist provided the aged devil the final components to complete his portal to Kaer Maga.  Highlady Athroxis then provided The Broker a new book of power words and riddles; The contract was joined.  The Broker was disappointed, he rather enjoyed the red bastards of greed. Alas a deal’s a deal. 

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