Thursday, December 9, 2010

Journal Entry (Auge Von Bulle) "To Hell With the White"

Journal Entry:
Poisons are quickly becoming a passion, more than I ever would have conceived during my first reasoned thoughts at the Twilight House. Like the warrior and his array of weapon choices to fit any battle, hammers and flails against the undead, siege engines against the orcish hordes, so too are the variance of my poisons. There is a poison for every enemy and a use for every instance. I just need to uncover them; discover their lost secrets or invent them anew.

I am beginning to see devious tactics now. Subtle ways I can discreetly envenom our enemies- or potential enemies, so that my actions are not noticed until a moment of my choosing and by that time it would be too late. My first mark in this: Fascino and the half-whites. My tactics will not be direct at the tip of the blade or political subterfuge; I’ll leave that to my brethren where they have shown that they are capable. No, my war with these interlopers will come in the form of days of delicately poisoned drinks, followed by meals of food that contains then next ingredient that when mixed with the final component, will spell their ultimate demise.

Lab Entry:
My new found experience in religious research and practical field applications has yielded a great breakthrough!

Blasphemix: Said to be refined from the spilled ichor of a demon, devil, or other fiend, blasphemix corrupts not only the body but also the soul. Perpetually warm, greasy, and possessed of a vile blackness that seems to writhe of its own accord. Despite its origin, this poison affects creatures of all alignments and faiths.

If the subject of this poison fails the initial saving throw, its ability to cast divine spells is hindered. For the next 10 rounds, the subject must succeed on a caster level check (DC 15 + spell level) each time it attempts to cast a divine spell. Failure means the spell is lost and has no effect.

Regardless of the outcome of the initial save, failing the secondary save applies a –1 penalty to the victim’s caster level for all divine spells it casts for the next 12 hours. If a creature is subjected to another dose of blasphemix before the effect of the first dose has run its course, the duration of the first dose’s effect ends. In addition to a Craft (alchemy) check, creating a dose of blasphemix requires a successful DC 15 Knowledge (religion) check. Source: Complete Scoundrel pg. 111, Poisons. Cost for Auge to create 712g, 5s. (Hoard value 750g) DC22.


robm1171 said...

hmmm... perhaps we need to go get some demon/devil ichor, then...

James said...

Already done. We got components off the Ice Devil. :)

Gordzilla said...

Another great Journal entry. Love the poison

James said...

Thanks man.