Friday, March 14, 2014

Review (03/12/2014)

We began our day pondering questions for our mother. After some trial and error on the location where Jaren should cast his spell of communication, we eventually make our way to the now Arkiel controlled warehouse where we venture to the K-mart where Jaren poses his questions to our mother.

The dialogue with mother in this medium comes without the usual ire and emotion, like a magical message with flames dancing in the orb of his spell focus…

·         Q: She has a dragon egg. Can she direct us to where more are located?
·         A: “These know how to hide from me as well.”

·         Q: We know the name of Tiamat’s enemy below Stormhaven. Can you protect us and our heritage from this entity discovering our turenames?
·         A: “Yes”

·         Q: Its name is Claustrum. How can you protect us?
·         A: “Visit me and I will scar your scales as such.”

·         Q: What would you have us do with what dragon eggs we find?
·         A: “Bring them to me and those who know the process need to be destroyed.”

·         Q: Can you name names?
·         A: “None save your father. He chose Stormhaven for a reason.”

·         Q: Versel quests to become a true dragon. What are his next steps along this journey?
·         A: “It would seem you are destined to see me.”

·         Q: Sorosh was called away. Who called him?
·         A: “Your question can be answered when you return to Stormhaven.”

·         Q: Can you name names?
·         A: “None except your father.”

·         Q: When we come to you, how long will we be away?
·         A: “Two weeks and WAR!!”

10 AM back at our Lair we commune through the heartstone with an impressed mother dear, keen on our quick progress as younglings. When asked about true-speech she said her knowledge is regretfully limited but added cryptically pointing out a commonality between Jaren’s interests and all Claustrum’s prisoners. Nevertheless a recovery for true-knowledge will be in order when we visit… which is on the calendar for next Friday, two days after the Under Writers Board Meeting and our millions.
Auge begins a day of crafting a Captain’s Lantern with an added boon of brightmote properties making it unique and taintless.

Jaren, again using his flawless orb, contacts other plane and Sarosh to find him present at a formal Janni tribunal who were in the process of judging his deeds and affairs. With the added testimony of the afore encountered Noble Genie above Carso’s Pharaoh, Sarosh had satisfied his punishments and was immediately elevated to Noble status, a Vizier and had all his former powers restored to him. His fire burning hotter than ever Sarosh is slated to return on the morrow.

Durg maintains the Cinder Block and creates a new work schedule for the staff to maximize efficiency. It was first greeted with reluctance but once Durg put on his winning smile they soon acquiesced.

Versel flew over to the School of the Winter Blade where he was met with mixed reactions due to Mishi, the Granddaughter, being missing in the aftermath of their Grand Master being assassinated. With the attention of students and faculty alike Versel told them all what occurred...

“The sevens are responsible for Grand Master’s demise, that is why she fled... She flees from the truth! Teachers...” Versel said, leading up to his ultimatum. “decide to follow me as your new master or I shall create a new school,” Versel turned to the students. “where I will accept new students regardless of their prior affiliations.”

After this Versel was approached by a teacher named Lazzot who discussed the honor in poison as a fighting disclipline to get past one’s front line minions easing the path the mythic goal; the Granddaughter bastardized the teaching. It seemed a common ground between the two student factions. 

The Winter Blade has until Monday (?) to weigh Versel’s words.

Back at the Lair Jaren casts his gaze into the mirror in search for Dambode. As luck would have it Jaren finds Dambode disguised as a Dwarf amongst a beard of dwarves on the lifts minding his own business. There was another disguised dwarf and that turned out to be Granddaughter Mishi. Once debarked from the lift the two boarded a skiff and eventually to a Sevens safe-house-boat.

D- “It’s only a matter of time you know.”
M- “There’s another account at the Money Changers. I need to access that account.”

They were discussing ways of getting back to the Money Changers when they both conceded… “He’ll know what do.” Referring to someone at the house boat.

On the Seven’s hideout were several humans and half-elves that kept the mobile safe house looking like business as usual. Both targets were searched before boarding the Sevens boathouse. “He’ll see you one at a time.” Then the Jaren's spell ends.

Turning his magical eye to the seas, Jaren scrys for Zeran VanFleet who seems busy with his nautical responsibilities reroute to the Shipmoot; nothing appeared amiss.

Later Versel, returned to the Lair and Kalaris asks her to be his Head-Mistress in his new school or perhaps his new old school. Shocked and pleased she agrees with specifics to be arranged later, after the Winter Blade teachers vote or however they make up their minds.

8 PM We make a visit to Nissian's Embassy to leave a message - it was a family day for us - where we find information, spells, and an exquisite scraphite scroll. 

  •  Jaren researches into Uvroc’s truename and unlocks the first syllable of true-speech that describes, and hence will lead to, Uvroc’s truename. (Truespeech skill check was a 42)
  • Four scrolls containing a limited wish spell and a fifth level spell of our choice and the ability to cast from these scrolls.
  • Jaren learns that casting Contact other plane form father’s embassy will work on creatures on this plane.
  • The scraphite contained two symbols what served as focus for spells giving the caster a +1 circumstance bonus to his Truespeech skill check when casting Truename spells.

Thursday brings more scrying on our targets, a probable hit on a known enemy safe house, and the 2,000 dwarf march.

The Rockhammer dwarves bore to arms and marched on Stair case keep that has sat relatively unguarded since the EVENT. They marched singing patriotically as they retook the keep ending their estate lockdown.

Unconcerned with this development at this time we continue with our plan. After Jaren’s Dimensional Anchor spell was delivered he cast his magical scrying to Dambode and then to Granddaughter Mishi. Dambode appeared alone on the boat house save for the background sevens; she was in some kind of fiery waste unconscious and not doing so well.
Jaren teleports us henceforth and we appear suddenly surrounding Dambode who did not have a chance. We were successful in grabbing him and teleporting us away just as Jarens mytic fireball explodes destroying the boat house just as a devilish rakshasha tears out from the conflagration.

We begin next session having teleported to the Sultan’s office at the Under Writers guild. 


Russ said...

Haven't had a chance to read review yet, but that Dambode image might be one of the most appropriate pictures in the history of our blog! Well done sir. Don't be so gullible McFly.

harrygoblin said...

A beard of dwarves ? you are a wordsmith, sir. That shit is priceless.