Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The White Spider's Report

The board meeting was tense, it was clear to everyone in attendance that the Underwriters had splintered, maybe irrevocably into factions.  Specifically the dwarves were becoming isolated and a group unto themselves.  None were called to this emergency meeting and it involved the ultimate banking taboo, embezzlement.  All of the members signed the log, half of which were actually acting with power of attorney for a family or consortium. Dambode normally read the board record and acted as the official secretary for board meetings but had begged off that duty so that he could see to the Underwriter’s guests that had brought the current problem to light.  There wasn’t a board member present with the stones to volunteer to keep an eye on the draconic creatures so it was agreed that Dambode would serve in that post while Samsa took care of the secretarial scribe duties.

Samsa’s deep tenor rang out, “This meeting of 12 senior board members is called for to vote on a substantial gold transfer from our guild account to a new business, recently announced at the Hall of Voices, The Dragon Docks.”

Wieland Luitpold stood, interrupting Diedre’s pet, “Before any vote on a large transfer of funds, I wish to present evidence of Embezzlement!”

HroĆ°gar Uzzi stood, “I second good Underwriter Luitpold’s motion”

“Yes thefts before transfer would seem to be wise.” Iohannes Ahura Mazda snidely commented.

“Aye, a quarter calls, by board rule, the motion is taken first, evidence and then a vote!” Peroptato spoke quickly eager to join a side. 

“That is when Sapphire and I had to leave, one of them began casting spells and we didn't want to risk being discovered.” The White Spider was quite pleased with her report to Auge and hoped it would earn the two of them several new diabolical rewards. 

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