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Review (03/19/2014)

Picking up at the Sultan’s office at the Underwriters guild we arrive with Dambode, unconscious and removed from his personal belongings. Jumping to the defense of our sudden arrival the Sultan remarks on our efficiency to task and how we elude even his scrying attempts. You'll have that. Regardless, Auge warns him of the eminent hostile Devil-blooded Rakshasha seen moments ago and the possibility of arming his guards with blessed crossbows. 

Nevertheless the Sultan expressed his desire to convene a board meeting immediately before news of Dambode’s capture spread.

It was then discussion transitioned into strategy tactics for the board meeting; expose Dambode as a Seven’s agent who embezzled money through the Money Changers; gold that was in the process of changing hands as Sons commodities was looking for and gaining investors for the new Dock Guild. A guild Deidre openly supported and a tempting target for Dambode. 

After sending out some selective messages to favored underwriters (he needs 18) and then to less favorable
board members, the Sultan asks that a certain three underwriters he wants in attendance be delivered back. These six total have been held up at the Flyer’s Club citadel for some time; they just need picked up, they will know we are coming.

Durg and Auge elect to stay at the Underwriters Guild guarding Dambode who remains in an unconscious state while Versel and Jaren fly for the f-club citadel.

5PM Piercing the flyers dome Jaren and Versel are confronted by Savoy, the blue skinned genie who remarks on the Bone Devils and others who have one of the FCC's north-west villas under siege.

Upon coming withing sight of the siege both brothers see multitudes of summoned Bone Devils but in their midst were Flayer Devils; eighteen feet tall devilish brutes with sharp teeth, vicious horns, hellfire wings, razor sharp claws and eyes like bronze lanterns. But there was another enemy hiding in the darkness, a vampire- Mogary.
Seizing the advantage of supplies Jaren and Versel move to attack setting off a magical effect. Heedless of the spell Versel moves in and delivers what seems like a gender-changing flurry of blows to the vampire, however it was his female companion who’s first reaction was one of confusion.

Jaren employs an utterance rooting her in place briefly however her shapechaging ability allowed her freedom. Pursuing Versel flys after and likewise defeats the vampire, although neither vampire are truly destroyed they will not be bothering anyone for the next twenty-four hours.

At this point many of the Bone Devils were gone save for the flayer devils who turned their attention on Versel and Jaren.  First teleporting around Jaren and some spellcasting targeting Versel; Jaren was able to escape while Versel continued with seemingly endless barrages of devastating attacks.

With a word of Truespeech Jaren was able to break the Curse of the flyers club freeing the three Underwriters Learing Farkettle, Wieland Louthold, and Zayfield, and their three major domos.

The Flayer devils gave it their best but in the end they teleported away, one more enemy earned today.

After escorting the three back to the Underwriter’s Guild the Sons of Nissian together again, see that several individuals, including Diedre, have arrived for the emergency meeting. It was more than was needed because some members who missed the meeting days ago made sure not to miss another.

Using Dambode for his shock value it was easy once blame was seated on Dambode; because it was all just bureaucratic negotiation of details after that. In the end the Dock Guild settled on 1.5 million in gold facilitating Guild status and watermarks.

Celebration time. Later Auge crafts the second Captain’s Lantern (taint: +1 infernal bonus to all saving throws, aura of evil, and silence in a 12’ radius) at the Cinder Block and Jaren travels to the Black Crown.

Speaking with Nefertiti Xanthippe and Adalwin Joscelin, Jaren negotiates for a dozen of teleport scrolls so that those listening would not suspect our pending distant travels. Amongst friends Neferitit inquires about Jaren’s destination. With some brief exchange with his brothers Jaren reveals an island along the eastern side of the Dark Continent.

Intrigued, both Nefertiti and Adalwin offer Jaren each a sage, expert in geography to help in locating the island. In the mean time the two ask Jaren and by extension all of the Sons to agree to a strike upon the VanFleet family. Much of the original bloodline is gone, therefore the strike is meant to replace the usurpers in the old VanFleet family; all leading up to the eventual formation of a Mage Guild in Stormhaven.

When we begin next session it will be Friday morning- Navy Appreciation day

**Retrieved from the Money Changers boat house, Dambode, and the encounter at the FCC. (in order)

Auge: LE intelligent item [Intelligence 11, senses extend 30', ability to cast one 4th level spell 3x day (+2 ego, +33,600 gp value), 10 ranks in one skill (+2 ego, +10,000 gp value), Unknown special purpose), Cloak of Resistance (L4L: Guard Stole, Shielding Mantle- 8,900 gp), and a minor sickening metamagic rod (9,000 gp). 

Versel: Clear Spindle Ioun Stone (4,000 gp) plus one L4L, Horseshoes of the Mist (27,000 gp), and the Armor of Insults (16,175 gp)

Durg: +2 Breastplate with one +2 special ability (pg 118), Ring of Swarming Stabbs (6,000 gp), and a shield +2 (for the Dragon Dock watch captain). 

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