Sunday, March 2, 2014

Egil Spies No More

Egil recognized the fighter immediately and knew that if the faux-dwarf fighter realized who he really was his cover was blown.  His mission was a dangerous assignment but the riches of success made the attempt worth it.  He had learned enough about his dragon master’s enemies to break away now and report back to the Cinder Block.  Egil had risked staying for the entire meeting to learn what Youvalan’s immediate goals were and now that he knew the plan he hurriedly exited the converted warehouse.  The Arcanist hurried from the Warehousedistrict anxious to be away from Adalgrim Redhammer.  Unfortunately for Egil he did not notice the Raptorians flying above.  The Raptorians descended near Underwriter warehouse 3gray, surprising Egil not only with their sudden appearance but also with their companions Adalgrim Redhammer and a Spellscale Egil did not recognize.

Adalgrim approached Egil with his Bo staff in hand, the weapon pulsing with dark black magic.  The Spellscale cast a spell the arcanist did not recognize while the Raptorians unleashed a volley of poisonous dagger attacks.  Egil could feel three of the blades biting deeply, worse the burn of the poison seared his veins. The sharp blow of the Bo staff brought darkness to Egil while the black magic enchanting the blade invaded the arcanist, twisting and enchanting him.  Adalgrim looked over at the Spellscale and asked, “Do you have him?”  The Spellscale smiled and held up a glowing gem.

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The Egil has Landed