Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review (03/05/2014)

Tuesday morning brought with it six human navy men with their inspection results regarding Carso's Pharaoh. While their manifest and cargo accounting was accurate they were admonished for ignoring diplomatic custom by denying any dialogue with a Stormhaven council member.

Versel sent with the navy men instructions to allow Seafoam use of two dragon docs for a day to ease diplomatic tensions. But before the naval men departed it was arranged that this Friday night fights would be Navy Appreciation with VIP delivery to the upside and LC brew for those sea-men who cannot attend. A little inquiry into their numbers reveal 12 ships in their armada with the capability of mustering 30 various ships. Their active duty roster numbers approx 2,500 service men with approx 2,500 more in reserves.

After that Jaren received a message from Adalwin Joscelin (Human male, Magical strategy, control and domination of enemies.), a request for dinner at the Cinder Block.

10 AM. We visit the Embry Estate to check on the well being of Alistair, who was resurrected from death only 24 hours ago. With Cadmar present Alistair expressed gratitude though fuzzy on the details of what transpired. Asking some of our own questions we explain that the Shipwright's Guild #3 guy Zeran VanFleet who is the traitor. Cadmar wants in on the action as he had just sent Zeran with messages recalling many Embry family members to the Shipmoot.

After finding an old navy neckerchief Jaren was able to scry on Zeran to find him barking orders as if it was business as usual. We decide to leave him be for the moment, there is nothing to suggest he know Alistair is still alive.

Later... We arrive at Twilight House to find Arkiel in the final moments of some house cleaning- some individuals fleeing, some lying dead. "Who rules Twilight House?" and it was on. He did however make an effort to find suspects to his authority but resolved to just call any challengers out publicly.

He wants to remake Twilight House into his vision, rename it and wants to take over the warehouse/portal to build on the resources that will generate. All to the good we say.

Durg looked for the ogre Klacko who was not here- maybe at Sunbow, the Broken Barrel, or the Blackspot in the Driftdowns.

Auge performed a blood transcription on a sorcerer whereby we found the first of several items that helped us teach Looting 101 to the surviving Twilight House Arkiel supporters. (+200 gold each)

Piling the fallen upon a funeral pyre Sorosh was suddenly called away.

6 PM Cinder Block to meet Adalwin Joscelin and find yet another message waiting for us. This one, a gilded magical missive from an Underwriter named the Sultan wishing to meet with us at the Cinder Block at a time of our choosing regarding business. Drinks and a light repast at 9 is decided upon.

Adalwin Joscelin arrives in casual attire and heads straight for our secure office where he laments the politics of Stormhaven may be holding us back. (Which Auge took as meaning the law against the formation of a wizard guild)...
  • One of the casters in the Time Spell was an imposer: The Unnamed and not Luned Octavia (Drow female, Her magic was strange to you but her expertise is mathematics and numerology. She claimed to be working on numerical formula for true names and pacts.)
  • Leofric Vilho (Tiefling male, Steals magic. Believes that arcanists should rule the world.) is a student of Adalwin and is to be trusted. 
  • He too is an enemy of Uvroc- we also tell him about Gazlemar. (A twilight house officer from Uvroc’s heyday who was charged setting up challenges for and dispatching gather teams.)  
  • In addition Adalwin is researching psionics. (Probably something for 'next level')
  • We tell him Brita Francisca (Dwarf Female, She is an expert on runes and sigils.) is also suspect as she was believed dominated by the Jailer. 
  • He tells us that neither us or mother hail from this plane. Mother is from a place (Golarian) where Kaer Maga hold a permanent location. (in addition to being simultaneously on other planes too but not at all times.) 
  • We tell him of our belief that the Jailer's endgame is to learn Tiamat's truename. 
  • Adalwin confirms the Sevens are led by Rakshashas and have their claws in the Money Changers guild as well as the VanFleet family. 
  • He also suspects the Unnamed, Uvroc, and one other Black Crownie (Evaristus Phocas?) are involved in the trafficking of dragon eggs (like where we started as). 
  • In return he asks that a 'secure office' and teleport closet be made betwixt his Estate and the Cinder Block. All to the good we say.
9 PM in front of the bard stage where several bard were setting up we meet with the Sultan. Accompanied by a couple of brutal stooges the Sultan was dressed in leopard skins, bear chested with gaudy pants with a grand turban. 

He laments the rigors of his station as an Underwriter at first but then explains how it comes down to who lost and who gained or who is pro-Deidre or con-Deidre. He is con-Dambode but will come to us (and Deidre) if certain losses are offset/satisfied to cover the legitimacy of the money transfer. 

He wishes to partner: he provides targets in various capacities in return for 4 Underwriter votes from him and a few of his 'interests'. Final agreement: 6 jobs in six months and 2 days all 7 dragon docks for votes for the Dock Guild. All to the good we say.

We are to bring Dambode or any other involved party (Zeran VanFleet too?) to a Underwriter board meeting next Tuesday, in the meantime he will work on rallying more votes and after he promises to divulge where his trade interests lie. 

Next session we begin Wednesday morning when Jaren hopes to 'contact other plane' and compel Mother to answer some questions. 


James Caruso said...

+1 Brawling Light Armor (4,000 gold) Fight Night Prize

James Caruso said...

The wearer of brawling armor gains a +2 bonus on unarmed attack and damage rolls, including combat maneuver checks made to grapple. Her unarmed strikes count as magic weapons for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction. These bonuses do not apply to natural weapons. This special ability does not prevent the wearer's unarmed strikes from provoking attacks of opportunity or make the wearer's unarmed strikes count as armed attacks. The brawling ability can be applied only to light armor.