Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Auge Journal (Father Knows Best)

Early on, when I discovered poison use, I expressed my vision to know and possess a poison that could debilitate many of the opponents we face, spellcasters, warriors and other such weaklings. Not one master poison but one that address each perhaps individually; Blasphemix, Salvo, the Long Kiss Goodnight, Dragon Bile, and now the addition of  discordia to my bailiwick has renewed this goal. Soon I will have a poison to target each from Sorcerer to thief.

On a side note the Epicure’s Fork is a great addition to our Sustaining Spoon special- have Pilini get to work on a poison reservoir option.

Alchemical Augmentation:
This pale green, whiskey-like fluid can be poured into any magical potion to augment the potion’s magical and chemical reactions and make the fluid more potent. Any potion with Alchemical Augmentation added to it is treated as if its caster level were one higher.
Brewing a dose of Alchemical Augmentation is difficult, requiring a DC 28 Craft (alchemy) check. 65 gp. 

Alchemical Catalyst:
This sticky golden resin can be added to any alchemical weapon to increase its potency by improving the chemical and magical reactions that power it. As a move equivalent action, you may add a drop of Alchemical Catalyst to any alchemical weapon or item (including bombs). All saving throws associated with that enhanced weapon are increased by +2. The improved alchemical weapon must be used within the next hour or it and the catalyst added are wasted.
Alchemical Catalyst can be brewed with a DC 24 Craft check. 25 gp. 

Type ingested poison
Save Fort DC 15
Frequency 1/round for 2 rounds
Initial Effect 1d4 Int and stunned for 1 round
Secondary Effect unable to benefit from magical bonuses to skill checks, saving throws or attack rolls for 1 minute. Cure 2 saves
Discordia is brewed from the remnants of used potions and mixed with chimera blood and raw arcane energy. The end result is a bubbly, effervescent green liquid that is actually lighter than air; placed in a small vial, the poison will float. Anyone ingesting Discordia has their magical energy flows violently disrupted.
Special an alchemist must have at least 9 ranks in Spellcraft to successfully craft Discordia. 250 gp. 

Epicure’s Fork:
This silver fork is often etched with a simple pictogram of a steaming hot pie or other savory dish at the hilt. Any food eaten with this alchemical item is warm and savory, and tastes well flavored and seasoned, no matter how bland the cooking is. If the food is hazardous (spoiled, poisoned or otherwise harmful) the Epicure’s Fork has no effect on that, other than taste.
Crafting an Epicure’s Fork requires a DC 18 Craft (alchemy) check. 50 gp. 

Fighter’s Balm:
This golden-brown liquid is brewed from the sweat of gladiators and alchemical fire. The source of heat, rage, and energy when applied to a tired warrior’s muscle, the warrior’s skin seems to redden and char slightly, with sweat and dead skin visibly sloughing off. Applying fighter’s balm is an extremely painful full round action.
When Fighter’s Balm is applied, all non-lethal damage is healed, but the patient suffers 1 point of lethal damage per 10 points non-lethal damage healed. Furthermore, characters who are exhausted become fatigued, and fatigued characters are have that condition removed.
Mixing a tincture of Fighter’s Balm requires a DC 22 Craft (alchemy) check. 35 gp. 

House Breaker:
This fine white powder must be distilled from the dying urine of a hanged thief, and is a common tool in the arsenal of burglars. When poured into the keyhole of any lock, the alchemical powder rusts away internal components, reducing the Disable Device check DC associated with that specific lock by 1d4. This damage is obvious and permanent.
Mixing some House Breaker requires a DC 18 Craft (alchemy) check, and the alchemist must have at least four ranks in Disable Device to successfully do so. 50 gp. 

When this thin crimson liquid is applied to one end of any rope, its bright color races up the coil; any rope strengthened by Ropebless has its load bearing capability doubled for one hour after the application. Most sailors and dockwhallopers carry a few vials of ropebless tucked into their belts… as do experienced hangmen.
A vial of Ropebless can be mixed with a successful DC 17 Craft (alchemy) check. 1 gp. 


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