Monday, January 16, 2012

Road Construction

The Trade Way is an engineering marvel of medieval construction. While many roads in conjoin to stretch from Calimport to Icewind Dale, The Trade Way is unique. The built road begins in Balder’s Gate and ends in Waterdeep where the Trade Way becomes the High Road.

The High Road is fondly considered to be a part of this grand roadway; as a result, business, guilds, and residences enjoy a great deal of fame and recognition by just having coordinates on this street. A fact that everyone exploits as the road touches upon or traverses every Ward in Waterdeep, save for the City of the Dead. (A key to city locations.)

A few noteworthy locations include: Mama Cass Charms andCrafts, in the Trades Ward; The Pampered Traveler, located in the North Ward; the Temple of Gond, in the Castle Ward; Gavin and Hextor’s Haberdashery, in the Castle Ward; the Chess Emporium, also in the Castle Ward; the North Ward guardpost; and the Spice Guild, located in the Dock Ward; as well as villas of the Thann and Cragsmere families.

Work has begun to extend the road construction beyond Waterdeep, only to be mired in indecision of whether to build to Silverymoon, Mirabar, or Luskan. A spring session of the Lord’s Palaver sanctioned a road be built between Yartar and Everlund to assuage merchants along the dangerous Evermoor Way. The ribbon cutting of the new Evermoor Way was on Shieldmeet/Midsummer; the night the gods and the heavens rained upon the Realms.

Near and around the Agundar Storm Keep (with in 3 blocks): The Gentle Mermaid (feasthall), Holyhands House (healer), Halazar’s Fine Gems (Sea Ward), House of Crystal Storage (warehouse), House of Crystal (guild hall), The Galloping Minotaur (inn), Fallon’s Wax Emporium (business), Meraedos Fine Furs (business), Sulmest’s Splended Shoes and Boots (business), The House of Healing (guildhall-closed), Abarbrent, Amcatha, Belabranta (Sea Ward), Bladesemmer (Sea Ward), Durinbold, Manthar (Sea Ward), Kothont, and Phylund family villas.

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