Saturday, January 7, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Part 1)

“In light of the new information about planar domains…” Briar began during their pampering and grooming at Shrunedalar’s Secrets; Ulreth Shrunedalar was busily working his fat, soft-fingered hands upon her feet.

Kalina regarded her with eyes that said, Shut the hell up with it! But Briar was not discouraged. Eva and Kalina exchanged questioning glances when they suddenly realized what Briar was doing. At a nearby seat, being attended to by one of Ulreth’s skilled kin was Marith- one of the Sisters of Siamorphe. As Briar continued her tale, to which Ulreth silently nodded; Kalina noted how Marith was slowly turning toward Briar, listening in.

“…alter my portfolio.” Briar concluded. Eva nodded at Briar’s declaration, it all made sense; with Arborea secured Briar could expand her hunt and ascension to divinity to include Family. “Akin to Nobilty, the Family domain in the Sisterhood represents procreation; a strong family linage; and family traditions of the my faith to be passed down generations.”

It was all wishful thinking Kalina thought as she and Eva watched Marith settle with the boutique without leaving a tip. Kalina was not impressed. “Briar,” Kalina said interrupting her in midsentence. “Would you like to join Eva and me tonight? I think it’s time to introduce ourselves and our purpose *wink* to the Siamorphe adepts. How does that sound?”

A short time later, after their delightful stay at the boutique the three Waterdhavian lasses found themselves, as earlier in the day, standing near the Statue of the Great Shalarn. The sun had gone down as Eva, Briar and Kalina were enjoying the pleasures of nobility and the air had taken on a frigid quality. This did not hamper the efforts from the Stag-Horned Flagon from making this year’s Rite of the Stag Lass one to remember.

“Well met my ladies!” came a voice. “Kalina ya’re as stunning as ever, Eva the night favors ye well- aye, and Briar the moon shines brighter when it gazes down at ye.” Kirvvin Shamblestar said at length as he hung another ornament upon the Flagon’s awning. Kirvvin was old, soft-spoken with silver hair and a week’s facial growth to match; he never forgot a face or your drink of preference. “Are ye girls going to compete it the Stag Lass? This year any lass who wish to may; winner gets the gemstone- aye. It’s a moonstone ya kin. One of ‘em magical ones that fell from the sky!” Kirvvin took on a look of pride at this revelation, but visibly slackened when Kalina responded.

“No thanks Kirvvin. Barring a dire blizzard, we will be back in Waterdeep by then.” Eva shot Kalina with a look of shocked amazement at the recounting of her brothers vision that portended the coming disasters when Briar shouted…“There is a ghost on the statue of Shalarn!”

As one they looked. Sat astride Shalarn was a ghostly-blue outline of a ranger; the figure was a man and human; he held a long sword that the ghost pointed northward. The figure remained motionless, as still as the stone statue he sat upon. Eva took a step closer and began to sing… in haunted tongues. The effect was immediate as Eva’s song escorted the spirit to purgatory.

“Dear spirits!” Kirvvvin gasped. “War!” the tavern keeper exclaimed. “My grandfather told me the tale! That if the spirit of Yarobyn Longarm is ever seen in the saddle of his warhorse, then war will soon come to Amphail….”

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