Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tales from Zhentil Keep

The sorcerer Randron was careful during these last moments of enchantment when mystical passes must be performed whilst forging a Ring of Blinking; one mistake or if he loses concentration, the magic will likely go awry. Randron was a drow however; decades of magical training and discipline had perfected his use of his sorcerer magic. He was unwavering in his task, it was all for power and in this pursuit Randron will prevail.

When the seven disciples learned of their impending crusade west with the Godson and after his decree that his fate- and by extension Randron’s own- lie in Waterdeep, the drow began to craft items to assist him along his path to power. With the ring now completed, he summoned Gort; it was time for the next phase of his magical item set.

Gort Ta’alen is Ireisal’s younger buffoon of a brother and secondboy to their ‘lesser’ noble house in Ched Nasad. He is an able fighter who aspires to become firstboy of house Ta’alen by the usual drow methods, assassinating his elder and getting away with it.

Randron directed his Eyewing familiar to accompany Gort on the task to gather the materials and components he needed. The Eyewing could not communicate but did understand the drow sign language and could carry out his master’s commands; Gort however, Randron had doubts.

In the dark passages blow Zhentil Keep, where sunlight is unknown, Randron expressed his needs to his familiar and Gort in silent hand and finger gestures.

I require fine masterwork textiles to fashion a robe, the best you can find; rare dies of dark hue; and seven magical gemstones- ones that fell from the sky. Make haste you two!

Randron handed Gort several exquisite gems to buy the supplies; Gort accepted them and raced to do his master’s bidding, the Eyewing flying behind- Randron would soon have the second of his set: a Robe of Stars.

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