Monday, January 16, 2012

The Godson

The godson of Bane drank in his last aspect with every bit of ecstasy and intensity that the first taste of divine power beheld. The power overflowed and he exhaled a breath of pure and utter darkness that it nullified all life unfortunate enough to be found in its midst. Below at the base of the tower upon which he stood, seven disciples were in the throes of worship- they were his chosen.

Coming down from the tower the Godson turned to his disciples. “I am prepared to ascend the celestial staircase my chosen. I will inspire fear in anticipation of the arrival and infuse hate in the hearts of whom I touch; I will crush the governments who do not adequately celebrate my arrival…”

This went on for some time; as most of the disciples of the Godson were rapt in awe, one however was making plans.

Randron, an evil drow sorcerer desired only one thing in life: power. He will do anything and step on anyone to gain more power, whether by collecting items of magical power, eliminating individuals or organizations in his way or elevating and even aiding certain powers- easing his path to power. Away from his keep and his necromancer-priestess consort Ireisal, Randron is constantly looking for ways to expand his holdings and the lands around it. Such was his plans for the East Trail through Anarouch, Secomber and eventually to Waterdeep; where the Godson plans to conquer and ascend, though not before Randron and The Strangers has the choice of the most powerful magic to be had.

“For you Godson,” it was Randron’s turn for the offering. The Godson would make one more demand of offerings from his disciples, as custom, before his crusade to Baator. “It is a Manual of Quickness of Action, by learning of its secrets you will be more agile and fleet Godson.”

The Godson looked at Randron skeptically. Randron thought quickly and added: “And a Scroll of protection from Poison, the treachery of Waterdeep knows no bounds Godson.” At that the Godson was pleased, accepted the donation, and came to the next disciple, Lord Ferestian Halaster.

This wen on until the last disciple was visited; a thief who offered the Godson a Periapt of Wound Closure and a magical rope, his name is Cyric.


Gordzilla said...

The Undertaker! PERFECT.

Loved this post

James Caruso said...

Glad you enjoyed that one. :)