Friday, February 26, 2010

Pampered Traveler

On the south side of Waterdeep Way, just north of Mt. Waterdeep sits the Pampered Traveler and Mason Thorvald- proprietor and guildmaster of the Fellowship of Innkeepers. Located in the daily intrigue, night life and the social cut-and-thrust of the prestigious castle ward. Surrounded by notable locals like: the Singing Sword tavern, the House of Fine Carvers (guildhall of fine carvers!), and the Spires of the Morning (the North’s greatest Temple to Lathander) and the second of the six colossal stone golem guardians.

Mason acquired the Pampered Traveler almost three years ago from two savvy halfling brothers- Tessen and Rufus Thistlebee during a game of Watch-Me. Not only was Mason successful in winning the establishment from the Tessen and Rufus, but also their services for the next thousand days. (Save for the festivals) It was not long after Mason and his new “friends” ventured forth registered as the Kinship of the Stein and eventually his rise to the position of guild master the Fellowship of Innkeepers.

Until that time, and for roughly twenty years prior to that- Grazaria the Lonely, a repulsive female Green Dragon held the reigns of the once proud Fellowship of Innkeepers. Through puppet retainers, Grazaria was able to carry out her impulsive demands; it was a long dark chapter for the guild.

It was the Kinship of the Stein that ventured into the Ardeep Forest to end the evil hold of Grazaria the Lonely; who's head to this day, by the by, hangs over the hearth at the Pampered Traveler.

Pampered Traveler: Superior quality; per day stay is 4 gold or 5 gold which includes bottomless mugs.


Gordzilla said...

5gp it is!

robm1171 said...

This Grazaria is the same dragon that made the Rod of Terror, which we found fighting Dragon Cultists. Perhaps Mason knows more about the Cult than he lets on

James said...

(Eden) Very perceptive love.