Sunday, January 8, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Part 2)

Making the final preparations for their evening excursion Kalina said to the Matron of Souls, “Why did you give me that look earlier in the spa?”

“You remarked upon something my brother Andther told me before he died,” Eva began. “He had the touch and foresaw that before the end of this year, there would be a Dire Winter that would not reach thaw until after Greengrass; after that then begins the rains, the floods and the mass starvation by this time next year.”

“Dear spirits!” Kalina looked gravely at her Samular sisters at this understanding. Then; “I spoke with the gunslinger apprentice when we arrived.” Kalina began to explain changing the subject from Eva’s deceased brother.

“I was successful in learning a lot about him and what Sai Bladesemmer has been up to while we’ve been gone.” Kalina regarded Eva. “He mentioned preparations underway for a dire winter forecasted by a cloud reader Waterdeep. That’s where I heard it Eva.”

“What else did you find out?” Eva said slightly put off, until she remembered Kalina is not her sister Eden. But before Kalina could continue…

“Did you put the charm on him?” Briar asked with enthusiasm, excited to see another divine aspect being merited through deed and effort.

“I believe so.” Kalina affirmed. “He said everyone calls him Dragonbait, a childhood nickname he had in Waterdeep. He is cleric of Gond and apprentice gunslinger; not officially a Firelance Knight yet. In addition to their inventory detail they are earmarking a heavy percentage of Amphail’s food stuffs for Waterdeep. In return Amphail receives the protection of the Firelance gunslingers, furthermore; Amphail receives the aid of Gond clerics to make improvements and reinforcements to the town and community.”

“We saw signs of that.” Briar pointed out.

“I didn’t want to test my control over him versus his duties so that was all I learned, but if I can find Dragonbait off duty…” Kalina said with a wink.

A short time later, Eva was flying the three of them over Amphail’s municipal building. Lord Warder Briiathor Alougarr as well as guests of the Lord was known to reside here; the building lacked any character or charm. The edifice stood dimly lit in the blustery cold evening.

After landing quietly and skillfully gaining entrance to a service door on the roof, Kalina took the led sensing the layout of the building with supernatural accuracy. Avoiding what guards their were at this late hour, the three of them ventured down a large hall decortated hall with former Lords immortalized in busts evenly spaced down its cavernous length; down three wide echoing staircases; to finally end up on a mezzanine level of a small theater. Music emanated quietly from below while red and gold tapestries of charging horses as if galloping to get on stage, the tapestries swayed listlessly along the walls giving unnatural life to the art. The whole fifty seat theater screamed the colors gold and red. On the stage speaking in celestial were three angelic forms; Marith, Iduna, and Arden- the Sisters of Siamorphe unconcealed. Dressed in lose gossamer fabrics, their trumpets at their hipps, they palavered over a map of the north- a prop obviously part of a stage play.

The subtle horns of music and the echo of a celestial tongue within the empty theater did not bode well for the Eva, Kalina or Briar, but they did make out some of what was discussed…

The three were planning to move their operations to Waterdeep. They are six aspects of Siamorphe- they represented three, each a physical image of their goddess; they hoped to soon be reunited with the other three…

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