Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gavin & Hextor’s Haberdashery

Haberdashers Gavin and Hextor sells small articles for tailoring and leatherworking, such as buttons, threads, and leather goods. This popular Castle Ward men's outfitter also professes a small smithy and a tanner on sight. It is here that Eve, Tauron, Damian and Bordane; all at one time or another learned hands-on rudimentary metalworking and leather working skills. Primarily for your own access to fine textiles and equipment while making a few coin- not to mention the skill training.

Within the past ten-day (two-weeks); a small group of burglars have come to target blacksmiths in the Castle Ward. Boren says the talk is that these are common vandals making off with a quick dagger or knife, but he admits that he doesn't know that much about it. It is the suspicion of Gavin and Hextor however, that these rogues were after something: Craftsmen's Implements! Only five sets of these exotic master-work implements are known to exist, they are said to have been gifts to five unknown artificers, from a Priest of Gond "Lord of All Smiths" before his exile from the city. 


Gordzilla said...

This is where I became friends with Tauron.

Also I suspect that Gavin is moving masterwork thieves tools through here and keeping that knowledge from Hextor. Don't get me wrong, I think Gavins shares the profits with Hex, its just Hex doesn't always like to know the truth about things.

Russ said...

My father forced me to come here. He said I had to learn an honest trade. It was either this or work out at the pig farm..I chose this.


James said...

Which is ironic since all of your hours of leatherworking was not done on the fine leathers displayed at Gavin and Hextors but practicing on pig hides.

robm1171 said...

This is where Bordane met Eva. And honestly, Eva, we'd rather have you here than herding pigs.