Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Teacher's Pet

“There is no way to stop them,” the smooth voice opined, “a prize more valuable than gold will always be pursued. In truth, people have always sought this prize before but were viewed askance, their sanity questioned, lives viewed as waste. It is just now that the prize is visible to most, the dream is much closer to realization, the impossible possible.”

Fejyelsae could hear the Shadow Master speaking in her ear, the small hairs on the back of her neck rising, reacting as if there were truly someone behind her. She never knew how the Shadow Master achieved this magical communication but understood she had maybe a minute of her leader’s very valuable time. He was speaking to her in regards to her report on the various organizations and individuals pursuing divinity. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride that her leader often spent time with her sharing his wisdom and advice something she doubted other member often benefited from.

“We are not a heavenly organization though are we my dear?” The deep honey toned voice asked rhetorically, “No. We shall grow fat on the crumbs left to mortals, gold, magic, and power. Understand that right now, to many, magic is devalued. This will not last, we must use this time to our advantage. This Agundar you have allied yourself with I think is a good choice, although initially I was not sure. Make sure you never tell the siblings that their mother confided so many secrets to you. That information would test your friendship to its breaking.

The red headed beauty could feel herself growing flush, the power of his voice and words alone left her feeling light headed. She was certain that in his presence she would deny him nothing. After a session of communications with her master she often would angrily realize many questions she left unasked in her infatuated haze. With great determination she shook free of her reverie and asked, “Have you considered my request?”

A low pleasant chuckle could be heard, “It will arrive with the next note, I am curious to hear how the others react to my gift for you. Remember you are to use the aspect to barter; do not claim the divine as your own. I originally discovered the piece during a dig north of Calimport, it only gained the divine aspect when the heavens fell.”

Just as suddenly as it came, her master’s voice was gone and she felt utterly alone.

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