Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Schemes & Dreams of the Faithful

“I would certainly be willing to look into that for you if you think…” Gillian’s sentence was left unfinished, his surprise and shock stopping him mid-speech. “I’m sorry Lady Tsurion, something has come up, I must leave you.” He uttered as he immediately shifted direction away from the noblewoman he had been charming. She stood shocked at the sudden change in his demeanor, it was as if he had seen a ghost, watching as he walked, almost ran out of sight.

Gillian made his way to the closest safe house, a seamstress/cleaning business called Stitch & Stains. The business served to hide stolen properties and provided good cover for deliveries. Making his way into the laundry Gillian changed into an entire new identity and collected his thoughts. A few months before when he had returned to Waterdeep from tracking the great red dragon Gillian had thought it wise to pay for certain spells, one of which was from a visionary seer, Mother Majere. He requested a vision that would alert him if the draconic beast ever came to Waterdeep. At the time he had argued against having to pay her, feeling that his vision was sadly lacking. All he had seen in his vision was the back drop of Waterdeep as he strolled through town, the sunlight striking the old roof tiles in such a way to cause a colored glare, close enough to a rainbow. Mother Majere had been adamant that her vision would provide him the warning he sought and so he had reluctantly paid. Today he knew her words to be true for he saw his vision as he strolled along with Lady Tsurion.

Gillian left Stitch & Stains only after drinking a variety of potions. If his reasoning was correct, the dragon would hunt for his treasure which would lead it to the Owl’s Roost where he had stored the three items. Gillian must get to the Roost and activate the mirror. If the Dragon was unprepared it would have quite the surprise when it went in search of the other two items and Gillian will succeed at his greatest trick and manipulation.

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