Saturday, January 21, 2012


“I am happy with this list as it is Tauron.” Briar said as she began to pass the guest list to Kalina; then Briar seemed to change her mind because she reclaimed the list and began to write something next to her mother’s name.

“I want to dedicate a performance to my mother at some point in the night. I want to appeal to Reverend Luckjoy and his healing aspect; mother does not venerate Tymora however, mayhap the seventh generation of Samular does not need to terminate with the seven of us. I shall begin composing a song, it will be amazing….” At last Briar handed the parchment to Kalina.

After a moment of reading, Kalina turned a quizzical eye to everyone gathered about. “My friends, I’ll not suffer any Cassalanter at our event!” She insisted, determination set deep in her eyes; her charm aspect simmering, waiting for release. “I know what you are going to say Bordane, ‘keep our friends lose and enemies closer’…” She looked at Bordane and then recovered her composure when she realized Damian was gripping his weapon tighter; her impassioned words never failed to excite him. Men?!

“We have long suspected and have even seen proof of their falsification of historical texts, specifically in regards to our own linages down to King Samular himself. Impersonating as Samular descendants for reasons that remain unknown to us, makes them suspect; treason against the crown. Their interference was in the past but their original motives may still exist.” Kalina said and turned to Damian.

“They are contracted with the Ten-Thousand Trade Kings which publically exists to insinuate themselves into the mithril industry in the north. Furthermore, they venerate Waukeen, a power that has not shown us to be worthy of associating with. Instead we find them infiltrated by a crazed lamia and they continue to prove hostile to Tymora in Waterdeep and in Yartar; lest not forget that my father has reliable information that the Cassalanter family are infiltrated by scaly-kind to one degree or another.” Kalina had everyone’s attention now.

“We need to make a statement that speaks to all three that we will not suffer lies and misrepresentations of accord; we oppose the regulation and rationing of valuable ore; and we certainly do not see Waukeen in our vision of worthy divine powers.” To punctuate her case, Kalina produced a knife; skewered an apple from the table; raised it to her lips where she bit into its juicy flesh.

Seated at the table, a single candle and the remains of dinner remained companionably; Arsten at last stared down at the parchment; the sheet was partially filled with various names, possible churches and the titles of potential guests for the festivity. Some names, he noted, were vetoed by two or three of his ka-tet, but by in large the guest list remained intact. He had elected to be the last to peruse the register; to him this was a momentous task. Not because of its subtle difficulty but because it was a touchstone in their ascension; historians would interpret many conclusions from what he held in his hands.

Leave the capacious menu, the red carpet, and the mundane details to Robyn; he was concerned with the touchstone and wanted to somehow incorporate what his heart was telling him. Arsten naturally wanted to employ his stratagem knowledge of Waterdeep nobility to coordinate a party of tactical ploys to gain favor not only for our individual houses, but the tet as a whole.

Arsten pondered, rather than approach the register mindful of family hierarchy, or even with an eye for logical selections in regards to religious affiliation. He knew there was a way he could accomplish both while adding a new level of complexity to the event in such a way that it could hopefully throw off anyone skeptical to the motives for city unity. Personal invitations aside, Arsten focused on the invitations sent with the tet as addressee. That was the focus, he knew; what families would receive a unanimous invitation from the ka-tet of the Seven? Then it came to him in a rush of divine inspiration that drew the attention from everyone around.

On the table, Arsten laid out seven groups of assorted objects, cups and utensils to represent the variables in his planning. He arranged and rearranged, and after a time Arsten Thunderstaff presented the plan of action to his tet.

“We want to recognize individual families that cooperate and conduct trade with us; we want to recognize the families of the fallen Company of Nine; we do not want to show favoritism to any church as a matter of course because of our plans for ascension- whether we publicize it or not; furthermore, we want to convey that our morals are tested, balanced, and most important tolerant.” Arsten felt a divine surge as held the attention of his entire group; the seventh generation of the seven sons and daughters of a divine King and crusader against dragons.

“I have broken it down into seven primary sets that will achieve all our objectives in this endeavor. By extending formal group invitations to recognized and established Waterdeep organizations- so too by extension we recognize their noble members.” Arsten motioned to a cup, a spoon and a block of salt. “This is the Horseman’s Association.” He explained and pointed. “Roaringhorn, Ilzimmer, and Gundwynd; it satisfies an organization we enjoy reciprocal relationship with and these families who we would unanimously agree to associate with anyway.” Still Arsten pointed to a trio of knives opposite the first in his demonstration. “I give you The Society of Changers and Bankers; ‘no theft, nor trick, nor falsification…” he mused, quoting their credo. “The families of Artemel, Cragsmere, and Maernos.”

Arsten continued to explain the seven groups he had arranged and the prominent Waterdeep nobility associated with them.

1. Fellowship of Carters, Coachmen, and Caravan Masters: Dezlentyr, Moonstar, & Thann.
2. Horsemen’s Association: Gundwynd, Ilzimmer, & Roaringhorn.
3. Knights of the Firelance: Bladesemmer, Eagleshield & Hiilgauntlet.
4. The Shadow Thieves
5. The Society of Changers and Bankers: Artemel, Cragsmere & Maernos.
6. The Surveyor’s, Map & Chart-makers Guild (front for special interest hunters and rangers): Ilvastarr, Nesher & Ruldegost
7. The Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors: Assumbar, Eltorchul, & Wands.


harrygoblin said...

great picture of briar. my favorite so far. I think scarlett and black should be her sacred colors.

James Caruso said...

Thank you sir, I believe its time for her persona to graduate from Beetlejuice 'briar' to Dracula 'briar'. :)

Definitely better representations.