Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From Amphail to Waterdeep

Arriving at the south gate, we were met by a fire lance apprentice named Dragonbait, and a priestess of Siamorphe named Arden. Kallina drew him in while they inventoried and noted all things being brought in. She learned while speaking to him some details of Sai Pergierons doings. In addition to inventory records, they are earmarking much of Amphails food stuffs for Waterdeep, apparently in preparation for the coming hardships so widely prophesied. She also discovered that Dragonbait is a cleric of gond.

We quickly went to the Roaringhorn Estates with the children and Jovena. Their uncle, the priest of Tymora, met us and spoke with us. The blinded women still had not been healed. They had decided to trasport them to Waterdeep in search of someone with the Healing Aspect. He expressed gratitude for the safe return of the children, but made no mention of the aspects they no longer held, and niether did we. He also spoke of Orkondon, a druid who had taken to night vigils at the Moonwell. He also told us that the sweetwater in the well proved to be unhealthy if consumed regularly as a main water source. We would eventually make arrangements to escort and gaurd the Roaringhorn retinue back to Waterdeep.

Next was delivering the new blood line threaded stud to the Tarm stables. Uncle Arum was hard at work improving the status of the stables and paperwork of our stock. He spoke of improving his status with the Horsemans Association, and had decided to fly their colors with our banner. He sets an area to receive our message ravens, so that their route now goes from Agundar Estates in Waterdeep to Tarm stable in Amphail. He also seemed happy with the renewed contact from Tentivil.

While Tauren and Jovena tarried, the rest of the group escorted Kallina on her father's task. It seemed the Steelhand ranch had been chosen as a sort of safe house. Leaving through the north gate, they met another apprentice gunslinger and Idana, another priestess of Siamorphe. They explained that since they were staying close, they weren't searched when leaving, but they would be upon returning. She approached alone, and a single figure handed her a satchel, and quickly closed the door. We also discovered a few horses at the house, but weren't sure how many people were in the house. Eva allowed Kallina the use of her flying broom, and she was able to sneak the satchel into the city and return to walk back through the gates with her company.

We all then reunited and went to investigate the druid and the moon well. On our way, a ruckus at Mother's arises,as an adventuring group from fifty years past suddenly appears, out of being frozen in time. It takes some time, but people begin to calm down and rekindle acquaintance, and we move on to the well. Orkondon is a shaman of the Gray Wolf tribe of Uthgardt. He had possession of the Animal aspect which caused him to be cast out from his tribe, but had seen in a vision Briar at this well taking his affliction from him, and so he came here and has waited for her. She does take Animal from him, and a pair of wolves that walked with Orkondon now walk with Briar. He agrees to spread word of her Moon powers to the women of his tribe and spread the tale of her glory to all of the tribes. He leaves, but she spends the rest of the night there, and it is agreed amongst all of us that this Moonwell is a sacred place to Briar.

The next day is a social one. We call upon the Illzimmers to have dresses made for the ladies in the group. We all decided upon black and silver to be the colors of the Samular Pantheon. Damian proposed the excellent idea of a silver 7-point crown being our symbol, and embroidered and stitched into our attire. Masterwork courtier gowns are bought for Eva, Briar, Kallina, and Jovena. Jovena's is not in the Samular black and silver, but in the crimson and gold that Tauren has chosen for his colors. The dresses all include some simple silver bracelets. We also see some of the local teens preparing for the Stag Lass running, a quaint custom involving showering the participants with beer and soured wine as the commemorate the famous run and killing of a local legend. The event usually honors one specially chosen lass, but this year it is open to all, and it is a race to claim a starstone at the bottom of the mug of "bitter beer". We make arrangements for the dresses to be shipped to waterdeep when they are done, which is the beginnings of a small caravan forming in 4 days. After the dress shop the girls spend the rest of the day at the spa and then an "evening out". The men work on various personal pastimes. The girls come across the third priestess of Siamorphe, Marith, and would later spy on her at the governors mansion. They learn that they are leaving for Waterdeep to join 3 other priestesses, each of the six holding an aspect of Siamorphe. They also see the manifestation of the spirit of Longarm atop the Great Shalarn- a sure sign that war was coming to Amphail.

As we were preparing to settle for the evening, war indeed came to Amphail. Elkorremarr, escorted by his two Joti servants and a small horde of vrocks had come to Tarm Stables with a demand for Tauren; give to him the protection aspect, or the Luck Rider and Eriadne Thann would be killed. Deadly battle ensued, with a twisted and evil Pater Smerve making a reappearance. He would slip away, but not before we glimpse the horrible Talisman of Ultimate Evil clinging around his neck. The ranged attacks of the Joti and the great numbers of the vrocks had us stifled until Bordane switched the battlefield. A massive strike from his gun with a magic bullet triggered some sort of surge that transposed the two, leaving Elkorremarr on the ground, alone and vulnerable. Elkorremarr lasted less than one round on the ground.Bordane made it to the ground safely. One of the Joti was killed, but Damian and black pegasus caught up with the remaining fleeing one. In exchange for being spared, he would retrieve the Luck rider and Eriadne and deliver them to Amphail. He also told us that he could see the celestial staircase above Mt. Waterdeep. We think that most outsiders can see that.

We leave for Waterdeep the next day, again using the flying broom trick to smuggle the Shadowthief bundle out undetected. The road is uneventful, and the three day journey goes quickly. However, just outside the gates of the City of Splendours we are ambushed by the elf princess, an elf prince, a druid named Renwood, a dryad, a group of ogre gim, and a pair of aruumvorax. They meant to avenge the deaths of Oakplume, a friend of theirs. Well, this was not their day. The princess and the dryad got away, but the prince, the druid and the beasts were killed. The beasts were skinned, and the bodies of all others were destroyed by burning and zombie feast.

We mark our return through the north gates of Waterdeep and notice that they fly the flags of Thunderstaff, as that Noble Family has been placed in charge of their garrison, and are quite favored by Sai Pergieron now. Our first night back was busy indeed, but that is the beginning of the next review.

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