Saturday, January 28, 2012

Law and Retribution

The paladin dismounted his griffon and with the strength of a dozen bulls, opened the great doors to the temple and entered; the tall shining bronze man was followed by his closest friend, a dwarf-priest of Law. As the paladin entered the inner chamber of his temple, he unsheathed his sword with a ring of steel on steel, and in a whirl of thrusts, twists, and slashes he drove the blade into the stone floor with a thunderous crash. In doing so, Tyrinon Cassalanter paladin of Tyr, went to one knee before the statue of his god; a marble representation of a handsome, highborn blind-warrior who was missing its right hand. In the remaining left the statue held a massive war hammer topped with a set of golden balanced scales. The statue of the Even-Handed regarded his paladin passively and without emotion despite the tantrum.

Tyrinon served his temple in any task the Even-Handed set before him; protecting The Halls of Justice, spreading words of law and virtue, or journeying forth to crusade for the church. Never was he selfish in is prayers, today Tyrinon will ask something from his god.

Tyrinon had just returned from escorting his beloved, Gloriana and her cat familiar ‘genie’ back to her wizards abode. Tyrinon remembered how excited Gloriana was and how she could not wait to tell her peers at Order of Magists and Protectors what fortune befell upon her, especially the wizardess Syndra Wands. Gloriana desired nobility and the aristocratic lifestyle above all else; she believed she was at the threshold of an opportunity like no other. Tyrinon warned her that pride in such things only lead to ruin- as Gloriana soon discovered because as she informed her colleagues about her exclusive invitation to the Higharvestide Samular Ball, it was unceremoniously rescinded- no explanation.

Distraught with worry, Gloriana must both lie and create a web of deceit to ameliorate her in the eyes of her associates or admit in disgrace that the invitation was withdrawn. They were both dishonored in the aristocracy of Waterdeep; the church of Justice and Retribution; and possibly within the judgments of their families.

Clearing his thoughts, Tyrinon donned his blue and purple colors of office and placed the pure white sash of paladin-hood reverently about him. In the rear of the Halls, the dwarf-priest entered and reverently assisted the paladin. Finally Tyrinon put on the Judges Gauntlets; white on the left hand, black on his right. Tyrinon prayed deeply for a blessing and the authority to correct this insult and deliver proper vengeance.

After the seventh utterance of his prayer, the stone beneath Tyrinon and the dwarf began to shake; it was the statue, it was beginning to move. The dwarf, Gunthar Ironbeard and Tyrinon Cassalanter bowed their heads to the Maimed god. The statue, instead of speaking or animating exploded in a cloud of powder-like dust revealing to the priest and the paladin two holy aspects of Tyr.

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