Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fate of Waterdeep

As the sun set on another day on Faerun, hundreds of individuals from across the seven realms of Toril came to simultaneous decisions. Anyone who ever dreamt of walking the metropolitan streets of Waterdeep; said that sometime they would move their family or business to the City of Splendors; or aspired to life and prosperity in the Jewel of the North, all at once decided that their destiny and their FATE rests in Waterdeep.

Vattaan Harpell looked beyond the grounds of the Ivy Mansion; his family’s villa in Longsaddle. He sat eating his mutton, a staple in the tiny agricultural village, and thought of life outside the small town; he desired a more complex existence. A sensation wafted over him as he sensed his fate resided in Waterdeep and at that moment decided he would set out for the city of Splendors.

Max Rinnen is a mercenary who would do just about anything for gold. When hired, as he was now, Max usually found a way to cheat his employer out of gold or treasure. He will undertake almost any danger, but always looks out for himself first, treasure second, and companions last. Max always saw the city of Waterdeep as a level of danger he hoped to soon overcome. That time had come, he decided; taking up is magical sword, boots and cloak, Max left behind the keep he worked so hard at procuring and set his eyes on the Jewel of the North.

Mika was viewed as a hero among his Uthgardt brethren; in the wolf tribe he was a shaman of the wolf, which held him to responsibilities that he sometimes loathed. He was afflicted with a wanderlust that his nomadic tribe could not satisfy; Mika thirsted for knowledge of the many cities that his kin shunned. Mika kept his secret desire from his tribe until one evening the shaman saw a vision and it moved him; Mika knew with his heart that it was his fate to face the foreign dangers of Waterdeep.

Geoff of Triboar is a quiet and mild mannered man who has many close friends; in fact there was not many ffolk in the small realm of Triboar that did not know him, even in passing. He is often hired by the wealthy to examine their homes and suggest safeguarding methods. His roguish skills are exceptional, even by Waterdeep standards, but he rarely steals. Instead he uses his prodigious skills to spy and traffic information. As he pondered his life course, Geoff came to a decision; he would go to Waterdeep- that is where fate decreed his skills would prosper beyond even his expectations.

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