Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tales from the Pampered Traveler

Galoban was quickly gaining a following. In just a week he was finally gaining the acclaim his skills demanded; the good fortune of Tymora continued to bless him.

Galoban, after hearing Tauron’s speech of the return of Tymora and of the impending ascension of a Charging Knight, a Gypsy Lord, a Horseman, the bard was inspired. Galoban was moved to dedicate his growing bardic skills into weaving a glorious telling of the coming of Lady Luck and her riding Champion.

Galoban understands his role to ascend to a greater bard, the Pathfinder. A warrior’s weapon is his sword; a thief her skills; but what many don’t appreciate is that a bard’s weapon is his stories that motivate and performances that inspire. It is a much more challenging field of profession by far, some could wager that a warrior could not rise to glory without the bard; a thief could not achieve infamy without the tales.

In the Pampered Traveler, Galoban gathered an Ensemble of skilled performers that would aid him in his performances, no more than four could be a benefit however…

Gulian is a human and comes from a long line of minstrels and bards. His parents and grandparents were all gypsies. Gulian inherited their musical talend but not their wanderlust, Gulian loved the city. He enjoys life as an urban adventurer and is constantly amazed by the stories wrought in big city life. He owns a healthy amount of minor magics that aid his performances; he specializes in wind and stringed instruments.

Olive Ruskettle is a Halfling woman who claims to be a bard; she can sing and is proficient in instruments as well. What Olive doesn’t know is that Galoban knows her secret that Olive is actually a thief who enjoys a carefree life of tale-telling and music making. Olive is very outgoing and has a penchant for finding trouble when mischief is about.

“It will be glorious.” Galoban concluded, he looked into the eyes of the Ensemble. “I hope to see you two at the temple of Tymora tomorrow. I saw Tauron at the temple earlier tonight speaking with Reverend Luckjoy and expect he will hold rites in the morning.”

“We will formally introduce our group as Trust Coin?” Olive asked, obviously enthused to meet the Tarm Cavalier.

“Indeed.” Galoban confirmed. “And we will perform our anthem ‘Guarding the Lady of the Stairs’ for him as well.” This brought smiles and cheers from the others.

“Let’s palaver, what reliable news do we want to focus on when we meet with Tauron?” Gulian asked both Galoban and Olive.

“If I may?” Gulian proceeded. “I frequent of a popular Harper establishment in Waterdeep and have come to learn that the Zhents have tenuous hold on trade through the East Trail; Waterdeep to Llorkh and of course beyond to Zhentil Keep, furthermore…”

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