Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Tauren receives 3 very quick responses. Callandria Illvastarr eagerly responded with her acceptance of the invite. Fair-voiced and a wonderful dancer, she attended arts classes with Tauren and Cherilyn Anteos. At heart, she is a young noblewoman who loves the pomp and social intrigue of Waterdeep nobility. Her family are often seen at celebrations and worship of Tymora.

The Artemel family was always somewhat dark to Tauren, but their hunting skills were highly regarded and that could be exploited in the coming harsh winter. Also, with a family heritage of following both Malar and Waukeen, it would do well to get a sense of what they were about. Still, Tauren grimaced when he read that Arax Artemel would be attending. He also was Tauren's age, and he had a cruel reputation. He was known for his love of the kill, and his contempt for the beasts he hunted, and the beasts he used and kept.

Alusair Nesher was a friend of Taes'. She taught him his hawking skills and more. Tauren was happy to see her acceptance, as he was eager to introduce her to Briar. He thought they would connect quickly, for they had so much in common. Also, Alusair seemed an excellent woman to start spreading the word of Briar's ascension to the noblewomen of Waterdeep.