Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Damian God of Retribution, The Lightning Lord, The Coming Storm, Force of Nature

1. Destruction: The means of delivery for so many to my sister The Matriarch of Souls. The Promise of Time. 

2. Wrath: The burning internal instinct of man, its full realization a fury that propels barbaric champions

3. Weather: The very elemental forces of nature either brought to bear or calmed, this aspect is most closely associated to Damian’s mood, hard to predict, rarely the same.

4. Strength: Strength to Survive, Strength to Avenge, Strength to Overcome

5. Retribution: The wrongs against you are only measured by the righteous vengeance you deliver upon your oppressor. Justice is a personal obligation. A debt you must pay yourself

6. Glory: The power of your convictions striking others with awe, magnificent in your power. You are elite, the uber man.

7. Force: The Indomitable Will, The Force of Nature, The Coming Storm.

To most Damian is not worshipped so much as placated. Sailors pray he keeps the seas they sail calm, while merchants guard against fraudulent trade for fear of attracting his wrath. At times of suffering many will call upon him to visit vengeance on someone else however this is a mistake. It is only those who pray for the strength to visit their own vengeance upon someone else that have opened their hearts to him. Damian is blamed for all natural disasters from major to minor storm damage. Creatures thought to be unstoppable are often said to have been touched by the Lightning Lord. When storms or strange weather phenomena occur certain somatic gestures are made to ward against the coming storm. Those that are killed during weather events are believed to have been targeted by the ever raging god for vengeance. There are both priest and druid worshippers in the church however most priests are dual class with either fighter or barbarian levels. Barbarians often follow the faith, some quite zealously. Many priests view barbarians as the paladins of the faith.


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