Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guests at the Party

Autumn Dezlentyr: Eldest daughter of the Dezlentyr family, whose interests span caravan trading and shipping, exploration, island settling and establishing harbors. With the heir, and eldest son, Corin, out of Waterdeep on business, it falls upon her shoulders to represent the Dezlentyr household. A beautiful, twenty year old woman, she has a malleable personality, which serves her extremely well. Everyone finds her charming, intelligent and witty. She's able to speak like a sailor, when needed, and yet can also hold a conversation with Waterdeep's elite and leave them impressed.

Jhassin Gabriel Hiilgauntlet: Heir to the mighty Hiilgauntlet fortunes, Jhassin took a unique path as opposed to the rest of the family. Instead of simply becoming a fighter, and commanding their mercenary troops, Jhassin became a paladin of Helm, quickly rising in the ranks of the paladinhood through skill and strength. Large, bluff, and humorless, Jhassin is known to ignore offers and requests to balls and parties, looking upon them as meaningless time wasters. However, unable to resist temptation to view and judge a rival's strengthes, he will accept and make an appearance at the Samular ball.