Saturday, January 14, 2012

A night out.

Eva stared off into the darkness lost in thought. The additions of the Oracle & Fate domains had given her new insight. She had created a portfolio of what she could be, should she ascend. She had begun to second guess one of her choices. Though there was room for Darkness in her profile it seemed less important than before. The inevitability of one’s Fate and certainty of death was not to be found in the voids darkness, but rather in the folds of Time. The guidance of Fate had steered her towards a new path, one so obvious she was surprised it had escaped her. Time would be important to her ascension, how important she was yet to know.

“You sent for me queen regnant”? Kight’s voice brought her out of the trance. “Yes my dear and you’re not in Thay anymore I have no need of formal titles”. ‘What service would you have me perform my lady”? Kight asked with eager anticipation. I have need of your stealth this evening in the dock ward. I have an important council meeting in the future and have need of a specific philter. A retired pirate named Doral will be murdered this evening. Kight looked surprised “How shall I eliminate him my lady, an accident”? No it will be by someone else’s hand, I need you to retrieve the philter he has stored in the chest in his bed chamber. Sneak into his home, remove the item in question and out before his murders know you’re there or anything has been taken. Do not interfere with the events concerning Doral. Leave immediately the thugs are already in route.

Kight silently made her way to the dock ward. Eva had given her precise directions, even a point of entry that would guarantee success. She scouted the area and watched as the thugs kicked in the door to Doral’s tiny home. She slid around back and entered through the window in the rear of the house. She could hear the voices from the other room & wondered why Eva would have hired these thugs. She was more than capable of dealing with a single venerable ex-pirate. She couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at this group of gangsters.

Watching Doral begging for his life proved his courage had been gone longer than his hair. He was stuttering on about some stolen art claiming he hadn’t known anything about. The thugs pointing to a magnificent painting of an Elephant bird and Green Dragon locked in combat didn’t seem to believe his story. As Kight began to realize Eva was not the orchestrator of this event there was a loud crash as the front door was ripped off its hinges. Kight was startled as a huge Half- Orc tore a direct path right towards Doral. With one quick motion he pulled the axe from his belt and removed the head from Doral’s shoulders. Kight spun around and made a beeline for the chest, knowing she had already lingered to long. As she flung open the lid the jingle bells Doral had strapped to the lid chimed aloud. Kight could not believe her misfortune as the door to the bedchamber swung open. Bloody axe in one hand and the head of Doral in the other the Half- Orc smiled as he look down at Kight knelt in front of the chest. Kight quickly looked around for some tactical advantage, however the tight quarters and overwhelming size of her opponent left her with none. She pulled the long slender blade from her pack and held it in a frail defensive position. Two swings from the massive brut left Kight unarmed and dazed as the three human thugs poured over her defenseless form. “Hello Poppet” said the leader as he looked over to the straw mattress in the tinny bedchamber “Looks like we are going to have a bit of fun”. Wait outside he barked as he looked at his enforcer; make sure no one interrupts us. With a grunt the Half- Orc turned and exited the bed chamber. Thowing Kight onto the mattress the three men began to laugh as they ripped the clothes from her groggy form.

All at once came a blood curdling scream from the main room as the headless bloody torso of the Orc smashed aginst the bedroom wall. The three men stood in terror as the rotting forms of 2 large ogres pushed their way into the room. The smell of decay was overpowering, Kight was startled back to conciseness as the thugs tried to clamber out the window only to be caught up by another pair of Ogre zombies. Eva shambled into the now extremely cramped bed chamber and glared at the thugs. “You think you can take what you want” she sneered. “There is a price to be paid for this act of contempt.” Eva nodded at the leader as a pair ogres grabbed him and began to eat. The other men forced to watch as there former employer was consumed in front of them. “Are you ready for the second course” Eva asked as she stared at the two thugs now frozen in place and as white as the dead ogres that held them. P-Please no stammered one of them, I have a family. “I know” said Eva “and you will both tell them and everyone else you see what happened here today. That the Matriarch of souls will be harsh and terrifying to those that cross her or her followers. But not without mercy to those who believe or show proper respect. You are a believer now aren’t you”? He could barley nod as the zombies pushed them out the window. Eva looked to Kight clutching the tattered rags to her body that used to be her clothes. “ How did you know I was in trouble” she asked sheepishly ? Our Fates are entwined my dear I will always know yours. Don’t forget my philter, and grab the scroll of gas protection also…you will need it.

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