Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Knights of Antiquity Part 6: Justice or Vengeance

Emilia Husteem knew if her brother Boreas ever discovered that she had stolen his invitation to the Samular party that he would never forgive her. Emilia had weighed her brother’s disappointment against the 5000gp she was about to claim from the Hawkwinter family; an easy decision in these times. The unique request had been delivered to her by a former house servant of Luna, her step mother. The servant, a dwarf named Worden , now worked for the Hawkwinter family and had been sent by Genos Hawkwinter. After some negotiations the price was agreed to along with a particular item Emilia had sought since learning of its creation. The item, a gem, is said to be the life’s work of a master alchemist who named it the Gem of Insight.

Emilia’s carriage arrived at the Hawkwinter’s private entrance where the familiar face of Worden stood silently waiting. No words were spoken as Worden ushered the young noblewoman into Genos’ waiting room outside his Den. Emilia was surprised to hear loud voices arguing inside the den while she waited. A voice, deep and similar to Worden’s, could be heard along with the thick brogue of Genos Hawkwinter. The door from the den burst open revealing a red faced dwarf stomping out of the office looking back to yell at a closely following Genos Hawkwinter, “There is a difference between Justice and Vengeance, I cannot believe you have involved my brother Worden in your pursuit of the latter.”

“Dackar!”, Genos cried, “please listen! The dwarf did not stay any longer to argue, cloistered in white he left the waiting area and the door Emilia had entered could be heard slamming down the hall. Genos stared after the dwarf for a moment before turning to his new guest apologizing for the scene. “Please come in my dear, I would like to see the invitation and I’m sure you would like to see the gem.”

Emilia rose and entered the Den with Genos ignoring the sounds of arguing dwarves echoing from outside.

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