Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Around Town

The Chess Emporium: This three and a half story lodge has expensive courtesans upstairs and plenty of tables of chess players and smoking aficionado’s occupying the casino like bar downstairs. Cards aren’t played here, only backgammon and chess. Damian is a well respected chess player and is sought by many teams in organized play.

Dagbar’s Bourbons: This unique distillery only produces a limited number of its fine product for public purchase each year. Damian and Bordane were lucky enough to school with Dagbar’s oldest son Mack Snome and thus are allowed to visit the distillery and sample their products. They also have an excellent garden of fine weeds and tobaccos.

Memory Gardens: Located on cemetery grounds, this small but elegant garden has provided a place of quiet reflection for many people of Waterdeep. A small central fountain is full of coins and wishes.

Castle Grocers: Great place to meet women. You have to stay out of view of the owner though or he’ll “favor” you to death. “Oh it’s so long since I’ve seen your family, please take them this, and ask them that. Bordane hates it but Damian enjoys the familiarity of it and the free samples


James said...

I love the posts that adds flavor to the city. Good job.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: Ah, Dagbar's... Last I heard, Mack was trying to secure trade rights with the dwarves of Citadal Adbar to import their version of "bourbon". That was about a year and a half ago. Now Grimwold, owner of Castle Grocers, is just a sycophant, desperate to earn favor with any family that may grace his stalls.