Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tales from the Dragon's Last Breath

Poloma Kromnor considered the list before him and the equipment desires of the Samular Seven. None of their requests seemed impossible, though there was always a threat of a wild surge but the Alchemist of the Dragon’s Last Breath was confident of this level of magical complexity and...manipulation . More so because of the boon alchemy is in this Time of Troubles.

A cold breath of northern air chilled Poloma from is thoughts. Entering the alchemy shop was a heavily cloaked man of impressive stature and poise.He had an air of hostility that Poloma immediately recognized.

“Well met Hues!” Said the patron as he entered the Last Breath, shaking off the elements the stranger addressed him as a friend. Poloma recognized his old adversary Baerom Thunderstaff.

Poloma's thoughts drifted as he thought back to the day he earned the name ‘Hues’ and his first attempt at potion brewing. Decades ago Poloma thought to rise to social fame in the Castle Ward by concocting a potion that would allow him to change his hue or any combination of hues as he desired. The elixir yielded amazing results and thus the potion of rainbow Hues was born. Never will Poloma be embarrassed by someone else attempting to emulating his style. The only downfall is the sulfuric breath that visits the imbiber when changing color.

“Sai Thunderstaff... How soon you visit my humble trinket stall, would you be interested in a tanglefoot bag or mayhap a 'thunder'stone... huh?” Poloma/Hues said sarcastically.

“Hues, is that anyway to show your appreciation? I offer you parole in your transgressions and you seek to mock me?” In a flash Baerom produced his revolver, to the alchemist it looked like a cannon that materialized before him. “You will not find a better offer I’d warrant Hues.” Baerom continued.

“It may as well be a prison." Poloma said. "You just want to keep track of me, to be sure of my loyalty.”

Baerom did not answer, only holstered his revolver but left his and on his hip as a silent threat should Hues attempt any mischief.

“I cannot promise success at all they ask, combing enchantments into one receptacle; here is their list… magic is unstable Sai; you of all people Baerom…”

“I know that alchemy has a unique magical vitality that nearly assures magic will not go awry.” Baerom interrupted Hues’ weak defense revealing his extensive knowledge on the matter; Baerom would not be opposed in any regard. Baerom’s strength was the understanding in dynamics of the environment around him; when magic is in power; when the church holds persuasion; or when the way of the gun rules the realm.

As the sun set outside, Hues suddenly decided that without a doubt that his fate- at least for now- coincided with the Thunderstaff’s. Hues produced his best smoke weed and rolled the largest fag Baerom had ever see. He lit it and offered it to Baerom.

“I will make arrangements to palaver…” Poloma started to say.

“Arrangements have already been made. Tomorrow morning comes early.” Baerom declined the offer and moved to the exit. Before he returned to the cold night Baerom turned on the alchemist. "And Hues... when you are on their 'k-list' the only way you can be removed from it when you are dead."

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