Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Journal entry, Tauren Tarm

My thoughts have woken me early this morning. My excitement is already building. It is Friday morning and although our Grand Ball isn't' until tomorrow evening, the party starts today!! To have Heilean beside me as the sun rises is a blessing beyond what even I dream of. I have told her of my plan to take dominion of lust tonite, but she has yet to tell me if she wishes to accompany me to the carnal feast I have in mind. I am curious and excited to meet my mystery hostess. Hasar assures me that I will be most pleased to meet her, and I feel a certain call to lust when I imagine her. I am greatly anticipating the consummation of my newest aspect.

I am hopeful my visit to Mama Cass will find all of my horse charms finished. I think they will make fine gifts for my closest followers, including one for Fallon. He has proven himself to be a stalwart friend and an apt cohort. In fact, it was his suggestion that I adopt a rampant stallion as my symbol, and that is the style the charms and amulets are fashioned in.

I am most pleased to have finally gotten through to Roby Assumbar. Rusher will have a presentation area close to the entrance, so that guests will be able to visit him and I can show him off. The look on her face when I told her I wanted him to have a waltz was priceless. She thought I was serious!

My orations have been going well at temple. The congregation really seems to be developing a renewed excitement. I am very pleased with the number of young horsemen and horsewomen that have volunteered to take guard shifts at the church. I have given 500 coin to Arina to dispense wages. I think I will repeat the same call today, the call for able warriors to arms for Luck, and make it the temple's message all week long.

I definitely feel fate and power in the air, ready to be seized.

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