Friday, January 6, 2012

Bordane Agundar: The Brooding Lord, Ironhand, The Grim One

"Anger, misery; you'll suffer unto me."
Domination: One should constantly strive to put one's mark on life and on the world. To always be in the forefront of people's minds, and have their thoughts on how to best serve oneself, is ideal.

Evil: To pursue one's own interests, and to do whatever it takes to achieve them, this is how we live to our fullest potential. To do any less is wasteful.

Hatred: The one true constant in life. It is the fuel that can drive one incessantly to one's goals. It puts steel into one's spine.

Pride: To take stock of's strengths and to be appreciative of them. Always be ready to point out your achievements, vocally or otherwise, so that all may know your greatness.

Retribution: Forgiveness is for the weak. To allow one to besmirch your person or reputation and not follow through with some type of punishment would be foolish and unworthy of greatness.

Suffering: A pampered life leads to a soft person, unworthy of any position of leadership. A life of hardship and suffering can push one to one's limits. If the person is truly worthy, they can overcome and push past those boundaries.

Tyranny: The lower class and the weak become paralyzed when they are presented with choices, their smalll minds being overwhelmed. Thus it falls to the tyrant to ensure that every aspect of his followers lives is not left to chance. The less the lowly have to decide, the better.

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