Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Special Invitation

Tanis Stormweather had left Waterdeep under orders from The Lords of Waterdeep to sail the northern oceans spying for Waterdeep. Tanis returned to a city in chaos, the Lords no more and worse, several factions vying to replace the former government. Tanis feared that Waterdeep did not appreciate the threat this “War of Pirates” was to its very well being. It seemed to Tanis that everyone in Waterdeep from the knave on the street to his own noble brethren had their attentions firmly fixed upon the heavens. People spoke of gods walking Toril! Some blasphemed that they could become gods themselves! Tanis was disgusted by this foolishness. Much to his great regret his own family had succumbed to the mass hysteria of faith and divine questioning that gripped the rest of the city. Tanis had come to learn over the last couple weeks how badly his family’s fortunes had changed since Midsummer. Today he had been summoned to the family estate to meet with his uncle, the Patriarch of the family, Jhardnet Stormweather.

Tanis’ uncle had not been the same since the death of his daughter Hark in some strange ritual killings months back according to family gossip. Even having been warned of his uncle’s state of mind nothing prepared him for the shock of his words this day. Jhardnet received Tanis in his bedroom, a room it smelled and appeared the nobleman had not left in a long time. Tanis was surprised to find that they were not meeting alone for standing near the bed where his uncle lay was a man that appeared at least by dress to be a butler. Clearly he was not part of this household’s staff. No introductions were made, Jhardnet explained simply that the Agundar’s butler was delivering an “opportunity” for the Stormweather family in the form of an invitation to a party. Jhardnet further surprised Tanis by informing the servant that Tanis would be the family representative accepting this offer. The Agundar’s butler left uncle and nephew to return word of the Stormweather’s acceptance to Damian while Jhardnet explained to his shocked nephew about the family’s new faith.

“Talos and Umberlee are dead.” rasped Jhardnet, “Our family will surely pass with them if we do not prepare for the new way.” Tanis was stunned; his uncle had just spoken blasphemy as easily as if he were asking for spice during a meal. “Surely you can see that the gods are no longer answering prayers!” continued the frail nobleman from his bed, “Damian Agundar has offered this family a lifeline. We will be the first of his new faith, the new way. This is the only way to save our family. You must go.”

Tanis listened to his uncle for another hour before finally giving in and agreeing to go. Regardless of faiths he had learned that their family was in a weak and precarious position. Tanis needed to protect the family and find nobles that would listen to his information about the coming war. Unfortunately Tanis knew that Damian Agundar would prove to be an opportunistic con man taking advantage of his Uncle he would have to let the transgression slide. While the family is in such duress he would do his best to improve their condition by making other contacts at the party and learning more about this so called new faith.