Friday, January 27, 2012

Boxing Day

Boxing Day traditionally occurs on Vrijdag; it precedes many highborn festivities and events when wealthy lords in Waterdeep would give a box containing a gift or a token of favor to their servants, guards, and squires.

Waterdeep tradition states that generous gifts to house butlers, bondsmen, and task masters will ensure white glove treatment of guests and top shelf service from their staff the following night.

On Samstag, the seventh and last day of the week, is when the aristocrats of Waterdeep often choose to gather to arrange or perform marriages, hold formal functions, and basically celebrate the pleasures and esteem that accompany nobility in the Realms.

This year the Samular Heirs will hold such an affair of community on Highharvestide in Castle Waterdeep.

Highharvestide is a holiday of feasting to celebrate the autumn harvest; it also marks a time of journeys. Emissaries, pilgrims, adventurers, and everyone else eager to make speed traditionally leave on their journeys the following day - before the onset of winter.

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