Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spite and Malice

The creature that was formerly Pater Smerve, now only knew evil- knew only spite; he was now Malice and he was the servant of the Talisman. He happened upon the Talisman during his trek through the High Forest to Elkormarr’s unusual tower….

Pater Smerve halted his amphibian mount upon a large low branch of a stout tree. The tree, nicknamed Bucknard’s Tree, sat on a hill that had one of the best views of the High Forest north of the Star Mountains. Alone in his negotiations with the evil conjurer, Smerve took no chances when his safety was concerned. Smerve took stock of his surroundings; the landscape, flush with reds, yellows and browns- early colors of fall; and the weather, early winter clouds were threatening the entirety of the North- burgeoning with flakes of snow. Then the blue brownie heard an animal whimpering; he gigged his giant frog into seven cautious hops, closing the distance to the sound.

What Smerve discovered surprised him utterly; a wolf-man sat slumped against a tree, his seemingly dead or sleeping body looked drained and was covered in totems, brands and carvings. The tree, Smerve noticed, was dead and the ground around the manimal blighted. The last hop brought them too close as he soon realized. The wolf-man snapped out at them; it was his dyeing action- for it no longer moved. Smerve dismounted, his small fey feet registered no disturbance on the forest floor. Drawing his longtooth dagger, an enchanted blade that elongated to become an elven shortblade, he approached the figure and then saw the Talisman.

The black gemstone within the Talisman relieved Pater Smerve of all burdens, and freed the fey from anxiety. It was exquisite in its liberating promises, all he had to do was take possession of the Talisman and all Smerve’s fears will become inconsequential…

The Talisman of Ultimate Evil commanded Malice to Elkormarr’s tower. Malice obliged, remembering just what waited at the tower for them to return…

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